Magento is an ecommerce platform that you can use to create online stores with add to cart and other features. To track the traffic performance of your store, you will need an analytical tool, like Google Analytics. To track performance on Magento using Google Analytics, you need to integrate it by adding the tracking code. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Signup on Google Analytics

Visit Google Analytics website and click on the signup button on the right to signup using your Gmail ID.

Step 2: Get Tracking ID

Fill the form by entering all the required information and click on the "Get Tracking ID" button.

Step 3: Copy the Tracking Code

Once you have filled out the form and agreed the agreement, you will be shown a page with your Tracking Code. Copy the code and save it on a notepad.

Step 4: Login to Magento Admin Panel

Now, login to your Magento website's admin panel and go to System > Configuration.

Step 5: Add the Tracking Code to Magento

Now, go to Google API under Sales category. Enter the tracking code to Account Number field and save the config. Google Analytics is now installed on Magento.

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