Introduction: Google Earth Hidden Flight Simulator!

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Here's how to activate Google Earth's hidden Flight Simulator feature.

Note: I have only done this on windows, so I'm not sure if it works on Macs. So this Instructable is for WINDOWS ONLY!

Step 1: Install Google Earth

go to and install the free version of Google Earth if you don't already have it.

Step 2: Open the Program

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When the insallation finishes, launch Google Earth from it's shortcut.

Step 3: The Secret Feature of Google Earth

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To activate the hidden flight simulator feature, hold down Ctrl+Alt+A on your keyboard. A Sub-window should come up. Choose one of the two planes, choose your airport, and fly away. Click on the help button for flight controls. And yes people, this feature is compatible with joysticks!


MadGary (author)2017-08-02

Has anyone ever landed on any street and drive around. Unlimited and nothing blocks you out. However, It is Tune Town. Try it. Great for getting to know your way around and better than the blurry ground level driving.

fry0002 (author)2015-08-24

i hope this works !!!!!

pilotjaydon (author)2013-07-28

I just go online to gefs Google Earth Flight Simulator

Scncgeek (author)2009-05-20

I found this fail while flying! Dont people look at the design of things before they are built? One would hope so.

Doctor Freeman (author)Scncgeek2011-04-11

were is that?

Kaiven (author)Scncgeek2009-11-23


willrandship (author)2011-01-27

It's on linux too!

M4industries (author)2010-06-24

Very difficult without a joystick.

technodude92 (author)2010-02-21

 frank and beans
a phallus
gonads and strife

Take ur pick

bowmaster (author)2009-12-19

I did this once. If you turn on 3d buildings then go to new york city it's fun.

Kaiven (author)2009-11-23

Twigs and berries my friend.

E-R-IC (author)2009-01-30

very good, not hiden, just go tools: enter flight simulator. click the middle of your screen, dissable num lock, and accelerate. then, withought clicking, slowly pull the mouse down.

Braeburn (author)2008-12-21

command+ alt + a on a mac

natnie (author)2008-04-24

Wow it's great. But it's really hard. I was kinda hoping it would be a bit cruisier.

FooL111394 (author)natnie2008-06-20

how do I get off the ground:)

peach_fart (author)FooL1113942008-08-11

put it on full throttle and press the down arrow or use mouse yoke or joystick(pull back for joystick, put the cursor down at the bottom of the screen) when you're going about 100 knots.

AHHH, i can't get it to go!!!!!!!! please, i don't know what to do, nothing i press works!!!!!!!!

ok, never mind... lol

FooL111394 (author)peach_fart2008-08-11


AnarchistAsian (author)2008-12-15


Coggz (author)2008-12-10

Ya, not just Windows, Linux and Mac work. Is there anyway of getting more planes?

pineapplenewton (author)2008-11-29

i can't even move can someone give more detailed instructions

mcadwell (author)2008-11-09

Crud! I just crashed into Heathrow Airport!

freerunnin1 (author)2008-07-25

its a bit sensative... i did a slight bank and it chucked me about a bit

kittenlover666 (author)2008-07-07

it works on mac's. press you know that square with loops on the + end Option + A

Brother_D (author)2008-07-04

cool. very entertaining. now i can fly over my house!

FieldingBlue (author)2008-06-26

Very cool easter egg. Thanks.

Dark Flight14 (author)2008-06-25

This is cool. I got the hang of it, but I'm still learning the advanced stuff.

Shifrin (author)2008-01-05

for some reason this does not work for me... (MAC) But I have a windows...

firemanfu (author)Shifrin2008-06-01

apple +option+A

rusthead (author)2008-04-24

This works on Mac too. but is apple instead of control (just like any other shortcut that is ctrl in windows.) much harder than I expected though. the mouse to fly makes it a little easier but still not as easy as I expected.

simharry (author)2008-04-19


fighterpilot1 (author)2008-03-30

Very Cool!!!!!!!!

yokel_bob (author)2008-02-02

It does work, but not so hidden as Google publishes it here:

overfunclac (author)2008-01-30

IT'S NOT A FAKE! TESTED! Must Be A Capial A (cap lock)

Soo Nice! Try iT

andresm (author)2008-01-10

really nice instructable, but technically its not "hidden" (the feature) if u go to tools, there it is.

bofthem (author)2007-12-17

Thanks for publishing. This tutorial looks good, but needs pictures to really shine on the site. What tends to happen is that Instructables without pictures get lost in the crowd and don't see many hits. I've unpublished your project for now but it would be great if you could add in some images and then resubmit your Instructable.

Shifrin (author)bofthem2008-01-05

Wow! This is really cool, considering it is free, and re-usable...

psi3000 (author)2007-12-21

I take it back it DOES WORK!!

psi3000 (author)2007-12-21

Im pretty sure this is not true. I tried it and it will not work. Also I am into RC planes and have many simulators. This looks like Microsoft simulator.

J031 (author)2007-12-19

on A Mac Hold Down Alt, Command, A

mgreening (author)2007-12-17

OK, It works now. i don't know what i did , but it is really cool, but incredibly hard to fly.

mgreening (author)2007-12-17

What version of Google Earth does this work with? I am running 4.2.0205.5730 and the Ctrl+Alt+A doesn't do anything.

jare-bear (author)2007-12-17

ill be posting a video sooner or later, so keep ur eyes peeled.

gamer (author)2007-12-17

very cool, i think i will redownload google earth. -gamer

supersaddy (author)2007-12-17

cool i tried it on a Mac and it works but instead of control+alt+A its control+apple key+ A

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