Google Cardboard for Those With Glasses




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Introduction: Google Cardboard for Those With Glasses

A great idea made better for those with glasses!

Step 1: Put the Google Cardboard Together

First there was lots of figuring out how to put things together. Even with all the helpful directions, we were still often at a loss.

Step 2: When All Seems Lost, Turn to the Internet

We used the internet for a little guidance and eventually some music.

Step 3: We Completed It, But Something Seemed Wrong

Unfortunately, once wearing it, many of us were having trouble getting it to feel comfortable since we had glasses.

Step 4: Cut a Little Here, Cut a Little There...

We cut out parts on the sides so that our glasses would fit, but then we realizes that light would show through, making it bright inside, so we used felt and glued it to the sides.

We also thought that the nose piece was a little scratchy and since we had the felt anyways, we added it as a nose piece.

Step 5: And There You Have It!

Much more comfortable for the glasses and even more comfort for the noses!



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    YES! As someone with glasses I can not tell you how important this is! Well done on figuring out the intricacies!