Picture of Google Illusion
Basically getting google to show what you want it to show ! However it aint actually google... It is a fun trick for friends !

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Step 1: Finding the site

Picture of Finding the site
This site is the site on which you generate your illusion. It's called gooogie. Just type that into google and you will find the site !
XOIIO6 years ago
You can just use javascript codes to edit the page, heres the one to edit everything on the page. You can't save it though.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0

Cool, I might do the next time my friends comes over.
yeah this would be a really great prank, granted they don't see all the little banners, ads, that Google doesn't usually have as well as Google being spelt with 3 O's lol, better way, go to Google.com and type something in, then go save page (do this with IE as it doesn't work that well with Firefox. Then open it with Microsoft word and change some words around. Once you're done, save it and re-open it back in IE. Will look a bit rough, but I've fooled a few people with it... mind you, they were pretty stupid lol
ForteZeroExcell (author)  DannyboyINXS7 years ago
how did you open up an html page with ms word ?
i went to the page i wanted to save in IE, then i clicked on file>save as, chose the location and saved as "web page HTML ONLY". I then opened Microsoft word and clicked open, choosing to show "all files". I opened the file i saved earlier in IE. Alternatively, you can drag the html file into microsoft word, or better yet, right click on the file.html and click "open with" choosing Internet Explorer in the list of programs
ForteZeroExcell (author)  DannyboyINXS7 years ago
oh... I see
glad i helped :)
jumbuck7 years ago
Cool , a instant fix for my low self esteem :-).
ForteZeroExcell (author)  jumbuck7 years ago
Good for you !
Hahaha, that's awesome! Great prank!
ForteZeroExcell (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thanks for viewing my vids by the way !