Google Trick: Definitions Together in One Place!


Introduction: Google Trick: Definitions Together in One Place!

So being a high schooler, often time I struggle to come up with a solid definition of a word. I try many sites that give me different definitions, so I wanted to share a trick with you that puts all of the definitions Google can come up with, in one page.

Happy Googling!

Step 1: Materials

It is quite simple really:

Internet Browser
word you need defined

Step 2: First and Only Step

  • Go to
  • type in: define: <your word here>

Say I want to search cake:

define: cake

Easy as cake isn't it!
A web page will come up with all of the definitions from the different sites that have the word.



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    I like to learn new words by playing scrabble. This way allows me to jot down new words & definitions very fast. Thanks!