Introduction: Google Cardboard Eyes Distance Correction

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Google cardboard is cool gadget, but in my opinion it is much, much better if we can adjust distance between the eyes. Then it is easier to enjoy in 3D effect, and also we can adjust it different for different programs (i.e. it is not same for games and for movies).

Step 1: Cutting

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- disassemble your mask again.

- glue your lenses on right places (as shown)

- cut out egg shaped eye openings (as shown on left and right side). Do not make it too big.

- cut out parts with lenses (as shown in the middle part). Dimension MAX must be bigger that booth MIN dimensions. I made it similar, but this is not good.

Step 2: More Cutting

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- cut out some more cardboard between the eyes (marked red)

Step 3: Assembly

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- glue small cardboard "handles" (as shown). They must be attached to parts with lenses.

- Assemble the mask

Step 4: Adjusting

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- Use handles to make distance between lenses wider....

Step 5: Adjust Some More

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- ...or more narrow

- adjust lenses for each person and application different. Just put mask on and adopt as you feel right.

That is it :)


crazynad (author)2016-04-27

The best mod ever. This made my cardboard VR so much better. Thanks.

Brzi Joe (author)crazynad2016-05-03

Thank you. With this mod I am sure that my little niece, 5 years old will properly see 3D Rollercoaster.

amberrayh (author)2015-05-12

This is a great mod. Thanks for sharing!

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