One day i was on google, and i thought to myself, "Those O's in the logo are staring at me. That was a little annoying, so i decided to get rid of them.

Okay, not really. Actually, I found this awesome magic trick from darkartsmedia.com /google
I noticed that it was a little dated, so I decided I would make a new page that would look better.

Let me first tell you the trick. You invite your audience to your computer where you have a seemingly innocent google homepage on your screen. You place two fingers over the two O's in the logo. You slowly move your fingers downward and, like magic, their gone! Now you can place your fingers back over the gap, and make the O's reappear. After the trick you can let your audience check out the page and see for themselves that it is really Google.

Step 1: Before You Get Started:

The gimmick page is basically an exact replica of the actual thing, but the logo has a mouseover option, so when a mouse hovers over it, the O's disappear. You can make a gimmick page for anything.
Go to View|Page source.
Save it somewhere.
Find the logo and save it. Then make the gimmick logo using paint and save it.
Then go http://www.htmlbasix.com/mouseoverimages.shtml to make the mouseover image.
Open the page you copied using note pad.
Paste the two codes, One in the head and the other one replaces the original logo.

If you would like me to make an instructable for making a gimmick page for this trick, PM me or just comment.

Lets continue with the google trick. The page is found at triplebirch.com/googlemagic. There is also a page with basic instructions on in at triplebirch.com/google.
Delete the slash in http://www.google.com
it would be nice if you could make a gimmicked page for this trick
if u have fire fox downlode the addon vison fox or something you can make videos on ur computer
but you can't take a screen shot with your hand doing the trick.
yes but can't you just use the yellow square things that instucibles gives you
que? what yellow squares? are you hoping for animation?
instead of using sharpie you should use colored paper protecters. p.s. nice instructable
nice. 5/5 stars from me!
Sweet Faved
Nice, and with a little extra complexity added via JavaScripting, you could have the letters fall randomly down the page to the bottom.....that would freak anyone out LOL
Thanks for the awesome comment. And yes Liewuwe, I hope to add more content tonight or tomorrow.
awsome i just did this 2 my mom and she was clueless! +5
cool trick, not much content for a Instructable. but still very cool

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