This Googly Eye Bikini is thee swimwear solution of 2015. Fun in the sun shouldn't be coupled with diminishing objectification - instead, take hold of your ability to participate in a body politics dialog by commenting on the absurdity of reverse objectification.

Feeling oppressed on the beach by the sun, heat, and penetrative male gaze? Looking for a way to get that tan and dismantle rape culture? Then combat hegemonic power structures on your next trip to the beach with this bikini! Reverse-objectify your oppressors with sand dollar-sized googly-eyes provocatively perched, yielding a relentless, piercing gaze upon anyone who looks at your body. With this bikini you will smash the patriarchy, implicitly comment on the phallocentrism of sand castles, and be on the foaming edge of 5th wave feminist discourse.

Step 1: Getting Started

I got this bikini top from an American Apparel outlet sale for five bucks. My model come in to our shop so I could measure her. I made small marks on the strings of the bikini so I could place the rough location of where the eyes would go.

The googly eyes were a gift from a friend, who knows I love googly eyes. I haven't been able to find the same 4" model, but there are 3" googly eyes, and 5" googly eyes that could work for your bikini.

<p>does anybody remember xeyes ?</p>
<p>yes! eyeballs for x11</p>
<p><strong>@_@</strong> i've always been a sucker for anything &amp; everything with <strong>googlie eyes</strong>!! i bought a bag of varied sizes [just for <strong>fun</strong>], but none nearly that big! <strong>x^D</strong></p>
<p>With those markings you should never have a problem with predators. </p><p>(I am talking about the fake eye markings some animals have to ward off predators) Now all you need is another set for the bottoms and you would be watching both comming and going. </p>
<p>All you really need is a marker and an exercise trampoline. Actually, you don't need the marker.</p>
LOL. Were you by any chance an English major?
<p>I was an art major, actually. But I really enjoy grammar.</p>
Love it! It occurred to me that if you dented the plastic backing in a bit you could get a more &quot;anatomically correct&quot; fit and the eyes would be able to &quot;look around&quot; even more.
Exactly my thoughts, see my comment for the solution :)
When replacing the backs of the googly eyes I would make shallow cones by placing a slit the eye backs from one edge to the center point and then overlap the 2 cut edges a little you making a shallow cone shape. The wearers breasts will fit into the cones and the eyes would sit a little better. (The cones can be made to fit)
<p>LOVE this! </p>
<p>I think you need a strip of fake chest hair in the shape of an angry unibrow. Best pool party ever.</p>
<p>The second pic on page 7 is hilarious! It looks like a face with the text at the tummy looking like a sad mouth and the arms look like ears! </p>
<p>I know! That's why I put it on that mannequin!</p>
<p>(Sigh) &quot;Could you please look me in the eye?&quot;</p><p>&quot;I thought I was!&quot;</p>
no one sun bathes like that
<p>Your eyes appear to be sagging there =\</p>
<p>Now, if you could just figure out a way for one, or both, to wink...</p>
For whatever I don't think your idea worked, but it sure is hilarious! Even if you have a snow coat on someone will be objectifying you. Either way, very entertaining!
<p>Past participle?</p>
<p>the line &quot;my eyes are up here&quot; won't be applicable here</p>
<p>I really wish there was a thumbs up button for these kinds of comments!</p><p>So anyway, THUMBS UP!</p>
<p>ROFL.</p><p>Staring contest!</p>
<p>That is Awesome! and most definitely is &quot;thee swimwear solution for 2015&quot;</p>
<p>Where's the trampoline video demonstration?</p>
<p>I love it!</p>
You forgot to pull out that weed growing by your right armpit.
&quot;why would i want two googly eyes on my breasts lol&quot;
<p>Cos when some guy stares at them they stare back?</p>
<p>'cause it's funny! </p>
<p>Awesome, and a little scary. :)</p>
<p>funny... :)</p>
<p>: D. This is crazy awesome! It was obviously a male who designed those 4&quot; googlies, for just this application. Tricky Dicky....</p>
<p><em>&quot;Boys, my eyes are up h... oh... er...&quot;</em></p>
<p>Literally the first thing I thought:</p><p>&quot;But I'm looking in your eyes!&quot; O_o</p>
<p>I believe she is looking at me, buster.</p>
<p>Funny, and eye-popping!</p>

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