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*giggles* Couldn't help but take my small jar of googly eyes to these pair of boring sunglasses! Hope viewers get a kick out of this like I did and I hope viewers make their own versions and post them!

Also, to make a version for small children or people who love to read (bookworms), take a pair of 3d glasses (hard plastic kind).

Step 1: Cut out lenses carefully and safely, if you have children around make sure to do it for them.

Step 2 (optional): Take sand paper and slowly rub away the remainder of the plastic lenses.

Step 3: Pick a glue, I haven't tried hot glue with my googly eyes so if you do, test it out first in case it melts them.

Step 4: Create a pattern for the eyes, heck, try different sized googly eyes for a funnier effect!

Step 5: Hand them to the reader as a gift or keep them for yourselves!

Sorry I didn't have a step by step, for these are ordinary sunglasses with edging around them and I did it on the fly. I'll edit this instructable when I recieve 3d glasses so I can show you viewers the steps much more easily.


thundrepance (author)2015-04-06

too absolutely FUNNY!! x^D're so creative!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2012-12-19

Haha! These are hilarious!

Also, you should enter these glasses into the Holiday Gifts Contest!

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