Goooulish Onion-O's (Onion Rings)

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Ok, so if we're doing a Halloween Instructable, here it is. The best onion rings you'll ever make at home. You're guaranteed to scare away many a trick-or-treater with your eye-watering breath.

This is a variation of this recipe

Step 1: Gooooulish Ingredients

Picture of Gooooulish Ingredients
  • 1 large onion
  • 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup milk, or as needed
  • 3/4 cup dry bread crumbs
  • 1 quart oil for frying, or as needed
advaym made it!1 year ago

made it but with a modification - i added beer to the batter! loved it!

For that un named step "the sandman of breadcrumbs attack"
Ankha3 years ago
Heres one more thanx from Latvia. I love this recipe thank you so much!
tkuzņecovs4 years ago
I cant wait next time when we make another, but from much more onions.. :D
Tnx from Latvia for delicious recipe. ;)
shadon5 years ago
this recipe is amazing i've tryed it just as soon as i could and we all loved it thx very much ^___^
FallenSub5 years ago
These are really good.
I made those from 5 big onions, for the 4 of us. They disappeared within minutes! I just cant believe 4 of us ate 5 big onions that fast! Wow!

Thanks for the recipe ;)
Now I know what else to make for dinner tonight. :)
capt.cool6 years ago
Man I made these a while back and I loved them, thanks!! for the recipe.
spinach_dip8 years ago
step 8 No cute Halloween name for this step How about "bury alive" in breadcrumbs?
Hey...cool idea
I am definitely going to make to make these....what kind of oil is the best to use....sunflower, olive, canola, lots of them....
made them today...came out kinda dark but they were good...just made my own bread crumbs...probably should have shredded them a bit more....i will find some better flavor to add to them...
Are they Explosive? Lol:0
ian (author)  explosivemaker7 years ago
Thanks for the picture! These are the best onion rings I've found -- but boy what a mess! I can only make them a few times a year because the grease and mess is almost too much.... Your oil might be a tad hot. I'm not sure, I just fry in a pot on my stove. I have no concept of frying temperature except: doesn't fry / fry / smokes (the middle setting being ideal).
yeah...I just did it on my stove too....I turned off the heat every so often if it was getting too hot....tried not to keep them in too long....but o well....still good onion ring recipe..... :)
ian (author)  explosivemaker7 years ago
I always use the local oil. Here, sunflower oil is dirt cheap. In the US, usually corn, canola, or 'vegetable' oil is cheapest. Just make sure it has a high smoke point (butter and (most) olive oil burn at a really low temperature).
thanks for the info....will try and find some cheap sunflower oil
comodore7 years ago
How do you make the little instructables icon before you tell what ingredient??? Nice instuctable by the way :) rate:*****
Sunny1246137 years ago
Yeah my mom would kill for your onion rings
Mattrox7 years ago
yum looks great and probably a lot healthier the burger kings onion ring(cause yours actually have onion in them
Subvert8 years ago
The un-halloweeny breading step is a lot like burying something in a shallow grave...
I made these for my family when we have a get together which is like every week now that i have started making these. But theres only so much a 12 year old kid can do! Very good Instructable love them dip in bbq sauce
uzerzero8 years ago
Thankfully, I manage a fast food restaurant (Chick Fil A) with five deep friers, two of which fry right at 350 degrees. Taking some onions to work and using our milkwash and seasoned coater, my onion rings turned out to be wonderful.

Also, a good way of determining the temperature in your frying pan is to use an infrared thermometre probe, such as this one: http://www.omnicontrols.com/detail.aspx?ID=2214

My brother-in-law is an electrician and uses these things every day, and has a few laying around. Simply point the laser at the oil, and pull the trigger and you can instantly tell the temperature.
Horrorshow8 years ago
How scrumtulescent. :D I'll most definitely try your recipie out, as well as see what different types of herbs/seasonings I can add to make it supradelicious.
MALEMARTHA8 years ago
The rings look great. If you use a candy thermometer you can get an accurate read on the temperature of the oil and have a much better chance of success. They are cheap and available everywhere. You can also prevent a fire (which would suck). My guess is that the oil should be at 370 degrees or so.

pmetro8 years ago
great receipe, I've made onion rings before but not with the bread crumbs.... will have to whip up a batch soon...............
Dirkus8 years ago
When I make onion rings I also make chicken nuggets or fried shrimp. I cut chicken breast into bite sized pieces and bread and fry just like the onion rings. Shrimp should be cut in a butterfly style and then breaded and fried. Chicken cooked after the onion rings will share some onion flavors.
Those look fcking amazing.
SirGrok8 years ago
These look absolutly amazing. Oh, god. I think that I am going to replace your salt with Lawry's Seasoning salt, add some tabasco sause to the flour baking soda mix. Still, you have inspired in me a desire to devour massive loads of onion rings.
canida8 years ago
Those look good! Thanks for all of the useful hints. Nicely documented and erm... enthusiastically labeled.
Damn you!! Damn you to hell. Now I craving Onion Rings, oh this is your sinister plan. I will extract a terrible revenge right after I fix up a batch