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Introduction: Goose on Geometry

This was done simply to discover if I could do it. I went though a stage where my goal was to remove as much material from an egg shell as possible while still retaining the shape and image of the egg. Carving an egg shell like this is great fun and watching people's reactions when they seem something like this is even more fascinating.

Hope you like it.



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    I hate to sound like a jerk so let me start off by saying this egg and the others bbstudio has posted look beautiful! They are very nice works of art by a skilled sculptor. With that being said, I have to ask if I missed something? This site is called instructables and is meant for people to list HOW they did something so others can attempt it and/or modify the process to make something better/different. All I have seen with bbstudio's postings are that of an artist posting their work to attain the admiration of others. I don't see anything valuable from these posts, it's more like watching someone gloat...

    I am sure this comment will be removed, I just had to add my $0.02

    Instead of sounding like a jerk, which I think you enjoy rather then hate, why don't you try doing something and sharing the process. This site is made for people who create and share their processes with others who are interested in using processes to make something as beautiful as this absolutely amazing piece. Seems to me you prefer spending your time sending negative and demeaning comments. To be blunt: The egg is profoundly beautiful, your comments are plain ugly.

    Congratulations on responding to something I wrote over a year ago... with that being said. I have great admiration for the original author responding and clarifying about his other instructable on how to actually carve an egg. I love the how-to's on this site. I just hate the frustration of clicking on a featured link, hoping to learn something from it, only to see someone just showcasing their work as if it were just another facebook post to gloat about it. As I have said before, I have been absolutely amazed by the creativity and amazing projects that people have shared and posted instructions on how to replicate. That kind of effort and hardwork should be applauded. Everything else just seems subpar. I am sorry that my comment on your "instructable" apparently irritated you enough to have to go and track down one of my other postings. To be blunt: You are a year late with the response, but thanks for trolling.

    He's using a super high speed rotary tool, like 250K+ or so.. Turbo Carver is a good one, very popular and 400K speed!!!

    They spin so fast there is no drag or vibration to crack the eggshell. They'll cut thru material as thick as an Ostrich egg.

    Likuidphreon, you have the right to your opinion. I won't take it off. I did put an instructable on here on how to carve an emu egg. the other 4 were not for admiration from others, I don't care if people like them or not. I put them here as other examples of what can be done with the tool i use. Mortso writes about the Turbo Carver in his post. I have used that tool, but I prefer the Paragraver. Like you, he has the right to his opinion and I will leave his post here as well.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion

    Thanks for the tip... paragraver eh? Looks great. Ever think about using laser cutter or adapt a plasma cutter? Just an idea... Great Work by the way. Truly wonderful!

    Agreed !!

    It is you use anything to stabilize the shell as you cut it? If so, what do you use?

    That is just f***ing incredible!!!!!! It looks very sci-fi, just brilliant!

    Thank you very much for sharing your comment!