Step 2: Getting the Stream in VLC

Open VLC Media Player, then select "media", then "Open Network Stream".
Copy in this address:

Click on Play and the video will show. If the video shows for only a second, try again.

The camera actually has its own home page.

Copy this into your web browser:
The page has Ambarella at the top so that must be the company who manufactures the systems in the Gopro.
There is also a list of options that don't do much.
<p>I tried everything and i<br>read more than 100 articles about live streaming and i finally found this right<br>one, how to live stream with GoPro - <a href="https://www.yatko.com/live-streaming/gopro-live-streaming" rel="nofollow">https://www.yatko.com/live-streaming/gopro-live-streaming</a> !!! </p>
<p>Try these guide about GoPro live streaming too! <a href="https://goo.gl/2syiRP" rel="nofollow">https://goo.gl/2syiRP</a></p>
<p>When I open the stream in VLC instead of a continuous video the playlist fills up with 1 second files. I can play them on a loop but the screen flashes each time. Doesn't look like the videos I've seen of smooth continuous streaming. :/</p>
<p>I'm having this exact issue.. A little late now I know but did you ever figure out the issue??</p>
<p>how did you connect to the camera and your wifi?</p>
<p>The camera is a wifi access point. That's how the cellphone apps talk to the camera.</p>
<p>This worked with my Hero 3+ Black. Its flaky on staying connected. Have to restart a bunch. I would think there are settings somewhere to improve the stability. I however, have no clue what or where they may be. A fun experiment for now.</p>
<p>This worked great with my Hero3</p>
<p>great. it works for me but I lost connection after the first two seconds. any thought?</p>
<p>Great work. The port is 80 (not 8080) in my version. Also the HTTP server does not seem to return a valid response, just the headers (curl -v and content length 2, but no content. Anybody solved this? Regards, Thomas</p>
what about USB connection for better quality?
didn't work from my MacBook, couldn't find the IP address
Don't use Mac for anything is my advice.

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