Picture of Gorget / neck armour / neck armor
Second ible, here we go. still a work in progress(finished for now because of my deadline(fantasy fair) but the back piece isn't finished yet)

Im building a neckarmour piece(gorget) and wanted to share on instructables, to my surprise there is not a single one for neck armour so here's the first. For the decorations in the center you can check out .
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Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
For this project you'll need basic metalworking skills like sawing drilling and sanding.

clamps(if you need them to secure the metal for sawing)
some drillbits(the size of the rivets)
sandpaper(i used a range of 240 -600 gritt)
boltcutters or hacksaw
grease or oil(i used silicon spray)
scotch tape
anvil(or something hard like a barbell)

Optional tools:
gloves(my hands are full of small cuts so gloves are recommended)
eye protection(recommended,but I already wear glasses so there's a smaller chance of anything getting in my eyes)

metal sheet
8 large nails(rivets)
8 washers(same inside diameter as the large nails)
2 straps with beltbuckles(from a watch or thin belt, I got mine from a hobbystore)
a box of small nails(rivets)

Step 2: Design

Picture of Design
My apologies, I didn't take any pictures of the drawing or the cutting process.

First of take a look around the internet to get an idea for your design, I googled; neck armour, neck armor, gorget. My design consists of a front plate and a backplate, both have reinforcements around the outer edge. The front and backplate are connected with 2 small straps on top of the shoulders.

When you decided on a style draw a rough shape onto your cardboard in pencil and cut it out. Once cut out fold it in two so you can cut it symmetrically. Try it on now and again to make sure it fits.
cchristopher24 months ago
The "shoe anvil" is called a "last."
knutknackebröd (author)  cchristopher24 months ago

thanks for the comment! but Mindmapper1 beat you to it, i just havent changed the ible sorry:/

codycnnn0411 months ago
Love the concept of using sheet metal from an old washing machine. But there is a way to get more metal on the dollar. If you have a junk yard around or a metal recycling plant you can buy destroyed cars and use the scrap from that. it requires a bit more shaping but my master and I were able to craft full sets.
knutknackebröd (author)  codycnnn0411 months ago

Good idea! however, I was throwing out and old washing machine so I stripped it before if went to the junkyard;) Its surprising how much you can get out of it! I already got a helm an armguard and this gorget out of two panels! Thanks for the comment

Green X1 year ago


knutknackebröd (author)  Green X1 year ago

thank you!

Great this is really interesting and you have done a good job. The shoe anvil is called a 'cobblers last'

knutknackebröd (author)  Mindmapper11 year ago

ahhh thanks, good to know:)

Kiteman1 year ago

That's really good. Love the recycling aspect.

Regarding centre-punching before you drill, you wont get the dimple if you lay the sheet on a reasonably resistant surface, such a lump of wood.

knutknackebröd (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

Thanks for the comment,

I did try to center on a piece of wood and on the anvil thingy but it still dimples. I couldn't get it flat enough(because of the curves). I did consider trying to do it on something round like a pipe but I didnt like the idea of it rolling away.

Ah, I see.

Perhaps a curve-conforming pad, maybe a leather bag, filled with sand? But, that's a plan for another day, I think.

knutknackebröd (author)  Kiteman1 year ago

well I am going to make some thigh soon(might make ible too) and ill check it out

Mielameri1 year ago
Really impressive final build, and nice clear instructions! Thanks!
knutknackebröd (author)  Mielameri1 year ago

thanks for the comment, but the final built hasn't taken place yet:P this is just the front half