Step 2: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials
This project requires access to a few woodworking tools -- saws for shaping the base, drills for drilling the holes, grinder for shaping bolt heads. The only unusual tool I used was a 1/4" NPT tap. It is hard to believe the tap is called 1/4" because it looks at least 1/2" in diameter, but I believe the measurement refers to the inner diameter of the pipe/hose.

This is interesting and fun stuff from ModularHose.com, master distributors of Loc-Line modular hose. Buy the pliers for assembling segments and connectors. Buy lots of this stuff because it just has to be useful for other projects. It's expensive enough that it better be useful.

41401 Loc-Line Hose Segment Pack for 1/4" system
41406 Loc-Line 1/4" NPT Connector for 1/4" system

Each tripod uses four (4) of the connectors (they come in four packs) and 24+ segments of hose (8 apiece for the three legs; additional pieces for extensions). Each two pack of hose contains 2 x 10 segments.

The base can be of any material that can be tapped with a 1/4" NPT tap. I used a small block of mahogany (scrap that I had kicking around from a project from twenty-five years ago) but a chunk of wood, metal or plastic would work as well.