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Introduction: Gorilla Robot

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Gorilla robot is a two-legged variation made out of vehicle chasis of the Rover robot.

This robot was built with LOFI Robot construction kit.

Parts list

  • LOFI Brain controller
  • Powerbank
  • Pair of DC geared motors
  • Set of wooden parts
  • Distance sensor – HC-SR04


- lasercut parts design files - COMMING SOON (ping me in the comments if I forgot to update it)

Step 1:

Attach DC motor to the chasis side parts with a help of grip blocks. Pay attention to making both of the motors in mirrored arrangement.

Step 2:

Long rectangular block will be ised as gorilla`s head. Mount the distance sensor (HC-SR04) in it`s grip and attach it in the middle of the face block.

Add the “smile block” and connect the face to the bottom block of the chasis with a help of a connector block.

Step 3:

Mount the LOFI Brain controller to the biggest block of the of the gorilla body.

Connect all the parts of gorilla body together. Use 20mm long nuts to connect blocks near motors` grips.

Step 4:

Attach two long blocks to bottom of gorilla body as its legs.

Step 5:

Build gorilla`s hands.

Step 6:

Put the powerbank in its grip block and mount it on the top of gorilla`s body. Mount gorilla`s arms on the motors` shafts.

Step 7: ​Your Gorilla Robot Is Ready!

What can we do with the gorilla now?

- Program it to avoid obstacles with the distance sensor AVOIDING OBSTACLES

- Control it with smartphone/tablet over bluetooth

- Instead of distance sensor use two light sensors as gorilla`s eyes and program it as light followerLIGHT FOLLOWER

- Control it with SCRATCH



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    I love it. If you could share the laser cut files, that would be fantastic!


    isnt it the same as the rover robot? just put a different way?

    Hello! that's great, do you have lasercut parts design files?