This Instructable will show you how to make a cradle for a hand-held device such as a Pocket PC, phone, media player, etc. which will attach to a Gorillapod, a flexible tripod made by Joby, using a sticky-back clip accessory. It could be used without a Gorillapod or sticky-back clip with a bit of thought and ingenuity, though.

I had bought this accessory pack, which includes a suction cup as well, to hold my Pocket PC on my desk, as they don't seem to sell official cradles any more. The cup would probably be fine for a smaller and lighter device, but my iPAQ 214 is rather bulky and too heavy for the cup. So, inspired by Nylanan's iPhone stand made from a hotel room key, I created this:

Step 1: Tools & Materials.

I'll organise this list into necessities, and handy items.


* 3 or more old loyalty cards, or hotel room keys, or false credit cards that come in the post, etc. (the stiffer the better.)
* Super glue to stick the cards together (plastic glue or duck tape might work.)
* A Gorillapod with a sticky-back clip or something else to mount the cradle on (A wooden or wire frame was the next thing that came to my mind.)
* Scissors.
* The device you want to make the cradle for (You need this to shape the cradle correctly.)

Handy Items:

* A permanent marker (a ballpoint pen or soft pencil is the next best thing.)
* Duck tape.
* Any leads you may want to connect to the device (Chargers, sync cables, etc.)
* A file or sandpaper.
* A ruler.
Awesome design! I suggest using heat (from lighter or heat gun) to make the plastic pliable prior to folding/bending so that it will hold better. Simply folding the plastic will make the plastic material fragile, prone to breakage and difficult to hold the form. Check my project for reference :) https://www.instructables.com/id/Card-Phone-DockCradle/#step6
Ah, that's a good idea. To be honest, I'd probably try using different plastic if I made something similar again, or maybe just mount a hard back case onto the tripod.
Hard case is a great alternative however it'll take some effort inserting and pulling out the unit everytime. I'm also experimenting on used CD plastic...they are also pliable when heated and the CD's are bigger so you can actually make a one piece plastic for the whole mount. I'll post my new DIY that involves CD plastic soon :)
Filing the embossed print on the card to make the surface even is a smart idea! I'll suggest that on my project as well :) cheers! <br>

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Bio: I'm a Computer Science undergraduate at the University of Southampton, UK, as well as an all-round computing, Linux and electronics enthusiast.
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