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Introduction: Got Music?

Add album art to any windows music/mp3 folder.



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    if you just want to do it for your iTunes just right click on the song and then click get info, then go to album artwork and copy and paste your picture in (to do it for multiple items hold shift and click on the last song you want to change the picture for)

    Is there any way I can replace current abum art?

    A much faster way to do this is in Windows Media player. You should import the music and then right click on the song or album and select get album art. You then just pick the one you want of the data bank. If this doesn't work you can copy and paste the album art where it's meant to go.

    Sweet I like it but I think a vid about music especialy needs to have some sound

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    thanks...i looked for some good royalty free music but couldn't find any thing i liked...know of any sites

    I use google to search for MP3's mostly try but I don't know about them being royality free... you don't have to pay for the download though

    thanks...i'll check into it

    Thanks for showing. My songs don't all have images. They will now.

    They will now.

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    thanks, mine didn't either...but they do now alos