Picture of Got a stereo and no harness?
I picked up a Pioneer AVIC-F700BT, it was a deal so it was missing the preamp wire harness. There are times when you find a cheap car stereo missing a few accessories (thats as much as I'll say about that). When you do, you'll need a wire harness. I thought it would be helpful for certain people to write a how-to on making your own.
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Step 1: Starting out

Picture of Starting out
This is the port that we need a harness for. It has 12 pins and handles the preamp outputs of the stereo for connection to an external amplifier. The harness for it would come in the box if this unit was bought new.

The first thing you need to do is find the pin-out diagram to tell which pin handles what function. These things are available all over google for whatever port you might find.

What else do you need: Soldering iron, glue gun, continuity tester, shrink wire, port connector, female a/v jacks

Step 2: Understanding the pin-out

Picture of Understanding the pin-out
I found the diagram for this stereo on some forum. Since I'm making my own harness I have a choice which features I can live without so i got less soldering to do.

Here I'm going to use the six audio channels, the amplifier remote wire, and mute wire

Right now I'm ignoring the rear view camera and video hookups.

Step 3: The connector

Picture of The connector
In the first image is the original connector, it had like 100 pins i think. You can get these from all kinds of catalogs like Digi-key, Allied or Radio Shack. I cut it down to 22 pins (not 24), it fit better so in the last pic you can see the two pins exposed. These handled the rear view camera so I didnt need those. But as you can see this fits perfectly and now we're ready to solder some wires.iption of the Step
damianfuller7 months ago
I'm looking for a way to find configuration pins for the power plug, any thoughts?
digimancer5 years ago
 Won't hot glue melt when the dashboard gets hot?
sdgfbvlsrd (author)  digimancer5 years ago
Maybe, its mostly for durability during the install, after its in the dash its not like the wires will flex and move around much. So even if the hot glue gets a little mushy in the heat, i dont think it would be a big deal.
cody7775 years ago
i wish i read this befor i spent almost an entire day at the junkyard looking for one that would fit my stereo
jkotila5 years ago
good idea i buy head units alot cuz i have anger issues, and i never thought of this, save me 25 to 50 everytime i need a new wire harness, i would jis order them now i can jis make um thanks-jman