"Got milk? Drawer cabinet" or "esta cajonera es La Leche!"

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Hi instructable's fans!
I need to improve my workshop with little drawers to stack some tools and/or various materials. But I'm not convinced on spend 12 or more €uros in a plastic ones as I found on the "all at €uro" store for only 3 drawer...
And after some days thinking on it, one morning while putting my coffee’s milk in a mug, I realize about the milk carton are a good material to do this, and I decided to build my drawers with these dairy can's.

To build this, I used only recycled materials. I have the lucky about in my city (Barcelona) all the weeks there is one day where everybody can throw old furnitures on the street (not in a chaos! on the corner or near the door),  to be recycled by the city council clean brigades... and all  Barcelona’s students which pick'em up to furnish her flats, or all kind of people to re-use wood or furnitures... like myself...
Anyway, this summer I found some chipboard plates with blue colored veneer and two large thin hardboard.

With one of this blue chipboard plates, one of the hardboard ones, some milk cartons, blue wrapping paper, recycled from last Christmas presents, carpenter white glue, a power jigsaw, a drill (can be a multi-purpose like a Dremmel one), scissors, 15cm Threaded rod, some clamps, and a rule to take measures, I go to buil up this "Dairy Drawers".

Let's see how I build it (if you want, of course)


Hola Instructableseros!
Necesitaba mejorar mi taller añadiéndole una cajonera para guardar materiales o pequeñas herramientas para mis trabajitos. Pero no me convencían las cajoneras de plástico del "todo a cien", 12 €uros o más por tres cajones de plastico...
Así que tras unos días de darle vueltas, una mañana, al prepararme el café, me dí cuenta que el envase de la leche, el Tertrabrik, era un buen material para hacerlo, I claro, decidí crearme una cajonera que fuera "la leche".

Solo usé materiales reciclados. Tengo la suerte que en Barcelona, donde vivo, cada día de la semana, al anochecer, los habitantes de un distrito distinto de la ciudad pueden dejar en la calle muebles y otros onseres viejos para que las brigadas municipales los recojan para reciclarlos. Cosa que aprovechan todos los jovenes para amueblarse los pisos de estudiante o "los raros/listos" como yo mismo para reciclar maderas y muebles. Este verano tuve la suerte de encontrar unas planchas de aglomerado con la melamina de un color azul interesante y unas planchas de táblex bien grandes.

Con estas maderas, varios tertrabrik de leche, papel de envolver regalos, que sobró de navidades (kraft azul), cola de carpintero, la caladora, el taladro, tijeras, varilla roscada, unas mordazas y regla, empecé a construir la "Cajonera la Leche!".
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jajaja me encanta!
mikolynn (author)  Captaingalaxy2 years ago

Me encanta que te encante!
kmckown2 years ago
Gracias. Me gusta mucho su idea. Podemos hacelo al cualquier tamano necesitamos.
Y en cualquier color o deseno. (Desculpa que estoy usando las teclas sin mis tildes.)

Not sure about Canada but in this part of North America (Mexico) we have tons of these. Seems to me that everyone except the US uses them. I know they're not easy to find in the US but one could use any good cardboard container or even plastic ones. Those little juice/milk jugs or the pint milk/cream cartons would work just as well. Paint small cereal boxes with white glue and put on a layer or two of paper and you would have the taller ones.
mikolynn (author)  kmckown2 years ago
Gracias a usted!

Thanks! And YES! This is the idea, replacing this aluminum foiled cartons for cereal boxes as you mention, or another kind of recycled boxes, somebody can replicate it with the number of drawers you need...
And for the design, it can be done with one like this, or paint each one with different colors, strips, decorated with scrap paper... all you can imagine!
Hola senora.

hi dude .
mikolynn (author)  knex dude 20002 years ago
Señor! I'm a señor... ;)
shannonlove2 years ago
Good Project. Voted.

Just a note for those of us in North America: I'm pretty sure the type of milk cartons that mikolynn used are not available in North America. These are European room temperature storage containers designed to hold heat-pasteurized/irradiated milk for long periods without refrigeration. They are very stiff and lined inside with, IIRC, mylar backed aluminum. You'd have to go to a camping supply or disaster prep store to find these here.


Traductor Google (mi español es estrictamente niño de la escuela):

Buen proyecto. Elegido.

Sólo una nota para aquellos de nosotros en América del Norte: Estoy bastante seguro de que el tipo de cartones de leche que mikolynn utilizados no están disponibles en América del Norte. Estos son europeos habitación recipientes de almacenamiento diseñados para mantener la temperatura leche heat-pasteurized/irradiated durante largos períodos sin refrigeración. Son muy rígido y forrado por dentro con, IIRC, aluminio mylar copia de seguridad. Tendrías que ir a una tienda de suministros para acampar o de preparación de desastres para encontrar estas aquí.
mikolynn (author)  shannonlove2 years ago
Hi Shannonlove!
First, thanks for voting!
And you are right. Here in Europe, we only can find cartons like the ones what are sold in North-America, only for packed food. The usual ones for milk or fruit juice are these with thin IIRC foil... I do not know why this differences in packaging...
Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
Gracias por publicarlo en castellano !!
mikolynn (author)  Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
Jeje! De nada hombre! Así, a mi me es más fácil, pienso en español y lo traduzco al inglés!

You are welcome man! If I do bi-lingual is easiest for me, because I do the think task in Spanish and after translate it to English.
vincent75202 years ago
Although it could have been done more nicely I just love this idea : I vote !…
mikolynn (author)  vincent75202 years ago
And yes, I prefer to show an idea and propose what can be done. One idea can be paint the drawers with spray, but I do not want to buy anything. Although, I'm not good in finishing.