Got to Mow the Lawn TODAY!!!!!


Introduction: Got to Mow the Lawn TODAY!!!!!

Half way through mowing the lawn BOTH front wheels gave way due to rust! What will I do for a quick fix?

Step 1:

#1 Find parts!
I found a swivel caster and my trusty bucket 'o' random stuff!
And a few pieces of scrap wood.

Step 2:

Predrill all bolt holes, I found carriage bolts. Thread nuts on top of mower not below in the blade hosing!  You could damage the blade.
Mount the new wheel and trim the wood.
Lets mow!

Step 3:

Not so fast!!!!!
 If the spark plug wire is in contact with any bolt, cut excess bolt or wrap bolt with a high temp silicone tube. For some reason, the mower wouldn't start until I did this.
Mission completed in about 45 min!
Lawn mower works even better now! Rides smoother and turns without picking up front wheels! Win Win!!!!
Thanks for looking!



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    Awesome mod!

    Yeah, the spark generated by lawn mower magnetos is usually around 10,000 volts or better. It can jump a one inch gap.

    All right! Keep calm and rig on!

    Thank you all! If ever you do something like this, don't put any bolt near the spark plug wire! Live and learn!!!!!!!

    wow...that is resourceful! It also DOES look like it would handle better.

    I love this idea, good work.

    I was going to say , "I bet you don't replace the mower anytime soon".. You have to love buckets of random parts and possibilium piles of "stuff"