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Balsa-wood gothic birdhouse! The elements like Spires, flying buttresses, ribs, lancet archs etc. are all surely the inspirational points of Gothic architecture here. But also I've added my eclectic point of view too. I only used utility knife throughout the whole process in my free time. hope you like it ;)


bagnitsch (author)2014-11-30

If I was a bird I would want to live here.

DIY Brothers (author)2014-11-30

One word. AWESOME!

Flooflox (author)2013-02-15

That's some awesome work there. I take it that it's your own design. Well done!

zomfibame (author)2012-04-06

ohh, also, did you end up putting any sort of teak-oil or spar-urethane of any sort on it before placing it outside?

zomfibame (author)2012-04-06

That is probably the coolest bird house ever. great job. you are a true artist.... how 'bout some instructions on how it was made though? ;-) instructions on instruct-ables please. peace love n' chicken grease.

Lectric Wizard (author)2012-04-02

Dang birds live better than I do !!!!!! IT's really nice but how about a few more instructions on how you built it, this is "INSTRUCTABLES". Thanks !!

If the staff of instructables believed in that logic, there would be no option to post ONLY pictures. I do encourage people to post an instructable, but it is not vital to sharing a project.

I believe in "Don't just show off, show HOW! " As a Pro member of Instructables I have a right to express that as a polite request for more info. If you don't want to provide more info that's your right. Pictures only is fine with me as long as they convey the info. PEACE DUDE!

AustinL97 (author)2012-04-02

Pretty sweet.

GenAap (author)2012-04-01

I wish I had a house like that.

foobear (author)2012-03-29

so awesome, really cool

jessyratfink (author)2012-03-29

This is gorgeous!

I hope we'll see more stuff like this from you in the future - especially some step-by-step instructions. :D

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