Picture of Gourmet Cheesy Blasters
Any fan of 30 Rock will instantly recognize these amazing snacks! But, if you are unaware of Tina Fey's new sitcom, what exactly is a Cheesy Blaster?

Now that we got the introduction out of the way, These are my take on Cheesy Blasters. The sauce is improved as well as the cheese. The cheese is ACTUALLY stuffed INTO the hot dogs! So go ahead and make some for yourself or others!
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
First we need to assemble what we'll be using.

-A pack of hot dogs
-3 Table spoons of butter
-3 Table spoons of flour
-1.5 Cups of milk
-2 Cups of grated jack cheese
-1 Cup of Marinara sauce
-1/2 an Onion
-3 Garlic cloves
-2 Bay leaves
-2 Table spoons of Italian seasoning mix
-1 Table spoon of dried basil
-3 squirts of red wine
-Pillsbury pre-made pizza dough
-Olive oil (not pictured)
-Non-stick spray

-Sauce pan
-A splatter shield (tomato sauce starts flying out of the pan when cooked)
-Chopping knife
-Pearing Knife
-Freezer bag
-Non-stick cookie sheet
-Rolling pin
-A pair of Chopsticks

Step 2: First you take a Hot dog...

Picture of First you take a Hot dog...

First you take a Hot dog!

Then you take the skewer and pierce all the way through the hot dog (Kind of like a corn dog). Then take the straw and using the skewer as a guide, pass it through the length of the hot dog to hollow out. This created a great pocket to hold our CHEESE!

I tried to do this without the skewer but the straw would always bend half way through and break the hot dog.

once it is hollowed out, cut halfway through the hot dog (length wise) to open it up.

Repeat with the rest of your pack of hot dogs.

if you don't bother hollowing the hot dog out, then once you close the hot dog, the cheese will ooze out every wear leaving you with a Cheesy-less blaster!
yosusie4 years ago
man, I'm almost a year late to this...
Could you hollow out the hotdog w/o cutting it and just try piping in the cheese? Mainly cause I'm thinking of trying this in a slightly different recipe and won't have the pizza to hold the dog together =[ Either way, this looks delicious and I'll have to try yours before experimenting!
KentuckySam4 years ago
No offence, but that is not exactly on a stick. Actually the chopsticks may count. Great instructable anyway and 30 rock is a good show.