If you dont know how to cook or looking for other ways to play with your food cooking with the dishwasher is your answer! Adding soap will mess up your recipe thats the only way to ruin your meal. You really cant over cook and undercooking just means running the dishwasher longer while you enjoy watching TV! SIMPLE!. My meal of choice was Perch and Rice with lemons, seasoning and chicken broth. Thanks for checking out my instructable I really appreciate the support.

Step 1: Ingrediants

Gather ingrediants
  • Fish
  • Rice-i used minute so it would cook faster
  • Salt and pepper
  • mexican oregano
  • dried cilantro
  • 2 cups chicken stock or cubes
  • Lemon slices
  • marinade if you have some laying around i used garlic


<p>I was watching The Tonight Show , years ago , And Vincent Price fix a Salmon in a dishwasher on the show , It looked good , but this looks even better ! Thanks for the Instructable !</p>
Tried this..works great. I used fish stock instead of chicken and threw the cooking vessel in with a load of dishes...SOAP AND ALL. My cooking vessel was a glass jar that used to have pickles in it, with the lid on very tight. Nothing got in or out. Mmmm mmmm good.<br><br>I think this is a great way to use energy that would otherwise go to waste! For a couple or solo there's usually plenty of room in the dishwasher. Great idea!
very strange.....
Running a dishwasher for 45 minutes is a VERY expensive way to cook dinner. This would work just as well in a pan with the lid on. Don't get me wrong, the food sounds nice, but the amount of energy a dishwasher uses - which you are paying for every time you get your bills - compared to a microwave or pan on the hob (which are designed to localise energy usage into a small volume, like a meal) is crazy.<br><br>
Then dont do it...
Im not trying to save water=) I live in arizona.
It's a cool idea but it seems like it would be a terrible waste of water. Definitely a temporary solution though, I suppose, if your oven/stove goes out and you don't have a microwave/convection oven.
Thanks for sharing!<br>sunshiine
But can you wash dishes in your toaster oven?
Mmm that would be fun to try
Thank you, Id like to experiment with pasta and other stuff and I have a fear of getting ecoli again so I was confident with fish haha.
Fantastic! I've never tried this, but often thought of it. I've only heard of it done in foil before, and without the rice. Nice one!

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