Picture of Gourmet Flatbread Pizza
Using store-bought flatbread is a quick and easy way to make personal pizzas that taste better than what you can get at most restaurants. It's also easy to innovate- with the small size it's easy to try out new combinations of ingredients without wasting food or waiting hours on pizza dough.

Flatbread pizzas make a quick and easy lunch or snack. The average prep time for a pizza is about 15 minutes, including cooking. Making a bunch of different kinds of pizza can be perfect for entertaining, as you can make many flavors in a very short time.
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Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

Picture of Prepare the Ingredients
The most importatnt ingredient is the flatbread. It's importatnt to get actual flatbread- pita bread or naan will work, but the results don't taste quite like a normal pizza.

For toppings, sauce, and cheeses, the sky is the limit. This particular pizza is a southern barbecue pizza, made with a barbecue sauce base, BBQ basted grilled chicken, and cheddar and asiago cheeses.

Step 2: Sauce it Up

Picture of Sauce it Up
Now is the time to get the flatbread out and add whatever sauce you're planning on using. Pretty much any thick viscous sauce will work. Pasta sauce, barbecue sauce, anything like that. Other items can be substituted, such as olive oil or pesto, but your mileage may vary.

Spread the sauce on thick enough to give the pizza some structural integrity, but not too thick to be overwhelming. Remember, with anything strong flavored, a little goes a long way.
Yummers! Great toppings :D
clewis212 years ago
Looks so good! I just made ginger orange chicken tonight. Wish I would have step by stepped it! But anyway, I sometimes make pizza with pita bread, delighting in all the calories saved!