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It uses 3 sensors .i.e. 1 SRF05 and 2 GP2D12 to detect objects and decide whether the object should be picked up or it should be avoided.GP2D12 were not stable enough so i soldered ..50uF capacitorsbetween the ground and Vcc.I used a 10 RPM Dc gear motor for the arm.It gives around 8-9 Kg of torque at 9V.
The gripper is homemade and uses a towerpro Mg995 servo.
The brain is a Picaxe 28X1 board.
The robot is not yet completed as you can see the robot is not able to turn properly.Have to fix that and some programming is left.
I will be making a bigger and better version of this robot soon.


Husham Samir (author)2012-06-10

Nice work

me_sumit (author)2012-03-31

how its arm is design so that it is able to left such weights?

deadhellguy (author)2011-11-19

did u RC it or is it all programed?

albinvadakkekara (author)2011-09-04


how did you made the arm of the robot?

kawal24 (author)albinvadakkekara2011-11-08

Its just a piece of acrlic which is screwed on the arm motor.

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