Picture of Gradients in Microsoft Paint
How to create simple color gradients in MS Paint.

Step 1: Open Paint

Picture of Open Paint
Open paint. It is located under "Programs" and then "Accessories". After you have Paint open, press Ctrl+E. This will open the Attributes window (Attributes can be found under 'Image' too). Set width to 100, and height to 500. (Height can be any number, but 500 works well.) Make sure 'Pixels' and 'Colors' is checked and click OK.
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I'm confused. I did all of this, and it's just coming up as a bunch of huge blocks. Can I get any help?

What is this.png
Rain0Knight2 years ago
Actually, it's possible, I did it on my windows 7 PC

Nope...it's possible...i just did i on my Windows 7 PC

artworker2 years ago
Sooooo coool! This trick is so very out of this world. Please tell us how you found this trick. I would love to know the story behind this.
kmarie163 years ago
I have windows 7 and and mine does re size and skew not sketch and skew! so it does not work.
Icalasari4 years ago
Still annoys me that they removed this feature

They actually made their program have FEWER features >.>
Aye Pod6 years ago
dude NICE this is a really good guide
The Jamalam6 years ago
I have to say this is quite cool. look what i made!
Gradients 2.jpgGradients 3.jpg
Hey those gradients rock!! How did you make the one on the left??
i made a cross with the 4 colours in, and did the same thing i think.
Gradients 4.jpgGradients 5.jpg
Pyrowuzzup7 years ago
Thats pretty cool. I'm always finding new stuff in paint.
lol. I like your S.O.A.D. shirt.
yeah i didnt have room for the full mushrooms/ elephant design lol.
Mushrooms? Elephant???
thats cool!!!
kqrpnb7 years ago
Wow, that's a cool trick. Here's what I made (and what I made it from) using your technique. I skewed it horizontally as follows: 1, 500, 500, 1, 500, 500, 1, 500, 500, 1, 500, 500, 1, 500, 500 Then, in a fit of inspiration, I did it vertically: 1, 500, 500, 1, 500, 500, 1, 500, 500 Then I cropped it square (the right edge was not impressive). Neat, thanks!
It's nice, but I cannot stretch it the way you say. And I doubt you meant skew, you meant stretch right?
Metaferia7 years ago
thanks it was interesting, this is what i made
SmileGuy7 years ago
this is cool
blugyblug7 years ago
Im happy with using photoshop for this xD
Flumpkins7 years ago
Guess what DRADIS? I finally put up my Instructables!!!
Gage9877 years ago
you can do this with more colors i did 3 black then purple then blue
That's a good idea. Yes, Paint isn't a powerful or very user-friendly program, but you can use it to make some pretty interesting effects. (for example, try opening a photo in Paint and "posterizing" it by saving in 16 colours. Go File > Save As > then in the "Save as type" option, pick 16-color bitmap.)
i just did that, then inverted the colours, (under image) it makes all the shadows look a bit like fire!
I did it and got icy edges

its bob bryer from my chemical romance
Its also one of the only programs I can find that will print an image across several pages the way I want.
Flumpkins7 years ago
I forgot to comment about this instructable lol. Here i have a few... 8 in total actually... examples of what i made. On all of them I bedazzled it and stuff.
Colors... yeah... colors...Gradient Example7.bmpZebra. Oink.Forgotton GalaxyPastelMetally*Yawns* making names for pictures is boring.Unknown Species
Oh.. boy.... Just scroll to see them.... Sideways
crestind7 years ago
Wow, that's a pretty cool technique! So long for a gradient though. Also, according to the Wikipedia article, there's a "weird lines" easter egg or something. Has anybody gotten that to work? Anyhow, I have high hopes for Windows 7's new Paint.
What do you mean Weird Lines easter egg? On paint?
Yeah, I have no idea. Check the Wikipedia entry for MS Paint. Doesn't work as far as I can tell. I just creates an error popup.
dfd97 years ago
I made a strange gradient, with a square:
Flumpkins dfd97 years ago
Make an instructable for that dfd9!
Vynash7 years ago
wow i like doing this this is awsome
Marojale7 years ago
It produces interesting results if do the squish/stretch process with random stuff (using the spray can tool, for example) or using a picture.
cheeseman987 years ago
Wow, I am impressed. Paint still sucks, but it's nice to know that I can do this if I need to.
xtank57 years ago
Oh, now that's cool!
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