Introduction: Gradients.

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I had a gradient forums before, but I deleted it. So I decicded to make a slideshow. These were made on MS Paint.

Go here to learn how to make them.



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    Are these gradients downloadable, I would like to use them as backgrounds to a powerpoint.

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    wait, which ones do you want?

    Gradient Example 22.bmp

    Sure, but it will take a few comments so that they don't get behind the side bar

    Gradient Example11.bmpGradient Example12.bmpGradient Example 21.bmp

    COOLIO i like gradients!! and i finally learned how but i cant make them yet

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    because I have to get my bros understanding, but i probably wont make any... :( sry

    You brothers tell you what you can and can't do?!?

    well,lets just say that im the WORST at any computer stuff my bros taught me alot

    It's easy! Just read my instructable as you go along.

    well,now that you Pm d' me I guess that's i don't want your talents to waste letting the gradient you make me sitting at the bottom of a harddrive,so I hope that you have time to make it!

    I'm tired though. I fell asleep at 4 am