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This is my second instructable, I hope this will help you with your builds. I wanted to build a loud portable speaker with good sound and design. This may be my biggest project yet. I am not a professional woodworker, but I am happy with the result and I am glad I can share the build process with you.

Step 1: Schematic and Things Needed for the Build

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1. Speaker box

2. Amplifier tpa3116d2 2x50w+1x100w (subwoofer)

3. Bass speaker - Dibeisi DBS B1010/8 OHM

4. Midrange speakers - Dibeisi G4002/8 OHM

5. Tweeters

6. Frequency filters (the tpa3116d2 amp has a woofer filter built in on the 100w channel)

7. Bluetooth module.

8. Common ground filter

9. DC-DC Boster (the amp uses 24 volts) - i used 250w booster

10. 12v LED battery meter

11. Small 12v fan

12. 12v Music controlled led strip (optional)

13. 4x on-off-on-6-pin-dpdt-3-position-snap-in-rocker-switches-ac-6a-250v-10a-125v-1

14. 10amp Fuse

15. 3s BMS (20A version)

16. 1xT connector

17. 2x4 wire JST connector

18. 12v li-ion pack

19. DC plug 5,5mm

20. 2x Bass reflex cone 10cm long 5cm diameter

21. Wires.

Step 2: Build Speaker Box

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For the speaker box i used 18mm thick plywood. The interior of the box for the 25cm bass speaker should be at least 50x40x20cm. I used 2 pieces of plywood 53x41cm for the front and back, 2 pieces 41x20cm for the side and 2 pieces 20x50cm for top and bottom. I used pocket hole jig and polyurethane wood glue to make the box. When the glue was dry i used wood filler to fix imperfections and sanded with 220 grit sandpaper. Cut the holes for speakers,buttons, etc. with the jig saw. After that i painted the box white with matt paint. This is the base for the graffiti coating. I printed the graffiti picture on a laser printer (important). I used transfer medium to tranfer the picture to the box. Use water to remove the paper and matt varnish to protect transfered picture. For the handle i used some profiles i had home. The music controled led fitted perfectly inside the handle.

Step 3: Prepare for Wiring

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Before you start wiring instal speakers, speaker cabinet damping material,buttons and try to make a sound test. Make a schematic on paper and a simulation with the parts to see if they fit inside the box. Keep in mind that parts may get hot and leave space around them to cool. I used a 12v fan for the amp. I made a 12v 10600 mAh pack from 18650 cels i recovered from broken cordless drill.

Step 4: Wiring

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First of all please be careful with polarity, double check every time and do this in steps, li-ion cells are dangerous, wrong polarity may result in fire or explosion. Charging can be made thru the BMS with external 12.6v (max) power source but it will be not balanced. The BMS stop charging when one of the cells reaches 4,2 volts. That means that one or more of the cells may not be fully charged. The BMS will not start until you apply first time 12v to output terminals. The other method, much better, is to charge with a balance li-ion charger, i use IMAX B6 (that is why i mounted the 3 position switches, so i can fully detach the cells from the circuit and use a balance charger). This way you can also use the pack to power other things if you need it. The speaker is portable, make sure nothing will move, even wires, use shrinking tube insulation to make sure nothing can make a short circuit. Use hot glue, double side tape or any other method. I also recommand you use different colours of wires, this way it is harder to mess up. When you finish wiring make a test and if it is ok you can start to add speaker cabinet damping material. I used some foam that i had home but it was not enough, i added some material from a pillow. At this stage you can experiment with more or less damping material.

Step 5: Finish

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This is the result, the sound is ok, great bass. I added one more switch to stop the subwoofer until i turn on the amp to avoid the pop sound. I hope i could help you.


radicalero (author)2017-11-06

What is the name of the Plastic Circle with 4 screws? I don't know how to find it to can purchase.

ImpactDIY (author)radicalero2017-11-13

Sorry to be late, search for "Round Speaker Terminal Cup"

radicalero (author)ImpactDIY2017-11-13

Thanks for all your help.

I purchased all things now. I will do this project and share when I finish it.

For the battery I purchased (I hope it works): 2x

I am very confused with 18650 li-ion cells circuit. Having that in mind I bought the previous batteries.

radicalero (author)2017-11-02

What is the name of the battery I need for this?

ImpactDIY (author)radicalero2017-11-04

Hello, I used 18650 li-ion cells i recovered from a hilti drill battery

radicalero (author)ImpactDIY2017-11-04

Thanks! This works?

What V, A, and mAh is recomended for this project?

ImpactDIY (author)radicalero2017-11-04

In used 12v pack, the min will be around 4A. The mAh must be more thank 10000

ImpactDIY (author)radicalero2017-11-04

Yes, this type will be good.

MarceloN26 (author)2017-10-30

Hello. I really enjoyed your Boombox, my 3-channel amplifier just arrived and I want to make one like yours. I have the BMS, the Imax, the batteries. I just did not quite understand the wiring diagram. Some pictures of the electrical scheme were difficult to understand. If you can make a more explanatory image I would be very grateful. Thanks and congratulations to the Boombox. Show!

ImpactDIY (author)MarceloN262017-10-30

Hello. Thank you. Please tell me what part is that you do not understand and i will try to explain. Every line is a wire. The dots represent switch terminals

MarceloN26 (author)ImpactDIY2017-10-30

Hi. I did not understand the operation of the buttons and how should I connect the wires in them. I also did not understand how to connect the four cables in the battery

ImpactDIY (author)MarceloN262017-10-30

The 4 wires(3s pack) on the cells are wired like in the schematic with the imax b6. Colour of the wires may not be like mine. In the Imax b6 manual you will find the wiring for the 3s pack.

RobotsMaking (author)2017-10-30

What a great speaker, and I didn't know that amp existed, thank you! did you grafitti your boombox yourself? because oh man it is beautiful

ImpactDIY (author)RobotsMaking2017-10-30

Thank you. For the grafitti i used transfer with medium gel. I wrote about it in the instructable. If you want more information about it please ask and i will do my best to answer.

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