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This is my second instructable, I made this for my girlfriend thats why it´s too girly
this is a project to make an urban looking night-stand for your room
It costs about 15$ and about 8 hours to finish it.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project you will need:

* Cardboard ( I reused the one that came with a hose I had bought )
* Hobby Knife
* Scissors
* Ruler
* Hot-glue Gun
* Black acrilic paint
* Foamy colored sheets
* Leds ( I used 5 ultra-bright white leds)
* Wire
* 3 v AC - DC adaptor
* Compass- Cutter

Step 2: Make your sketch

Step 3: Cut it

Picture of Cut it
Draw your sketch in the cardboard
Paint it with the acrilic paint
Wait for it to get dry for about one hour

Step 4:

Picture of
For the circuit, I used a parallel conection for each led so the voltage could be the same for each led
* Decide where you want the leds
* Make a hole in the decided spot
* Put the led inside
* Glue them
* Make all the conections
* Test it
* Glue it all

For the second flor:
* Cut rectangles about 3 cm each it doesn´t matter if they aren´t perfect
* Glue them
* Make another flor

Step 5: 2nd Deck

Picture of 2nd Deck
* Cut some cardboard with the same size of your letters and glue it to the cardboard columns
* Paint it

Step 6: Foamy

Picture of Foamy
*Cut each sheet with the form of the desired letter with the hobby knife
* When you had finished glue them
* If you want it you can put some foamy stars or any stuff

Step 7: Cookie Monster

* Search for an image of the cookie monster
* Draw it in the foamy the face
* With the circular-cutter  make the eyes
* Cut the mouth and cut a sheet of black bond paper
* Paste it
* Glue the cookie monster in the graffiti

Step 8: Finished Product

Picture of Finished Product
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the cookie monster is really the finishing touch!!!
l8nite2 years ago
its really cool but the title of the instructable seems misleading, I believe a night stand is usually a table next to a bed, this seems to be more of a night light
good originality
sizcer (author)  susanchen20112 years ago
I appreciate your comments :)