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In this instructable I will show you how to spraypaint like some of the things you see on trains. After reading this you aren't going to be a professional but hopefully you will be able to spraypaint your own graffiti tag.Make sure you have plenty of spraypaint, an old sheet, somewhrere to paint, and your imagination.(that last one was sarcastic.)

Oh yeah rember, we are doing this on a sheet, not a building or train or anything else that isnt yours.(wink wink)

I am not responsible for anything you do using spraypaint that is bad.This is for information only.

Step 1: Prepartion

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The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to spraypaint.
What are you going to write?
What color is going to be?
Will it be 3d?
Will it have a shadow?
for some examples, you can create simple tags at :
Making up your graffii name can be fun.Mine is Tiny, because I am small.Be different!
If you have never tagged before, try to keep it simple. Once you have something in mind, practice drawing it on paper.It doesn't have to be perfect!I ended up with a different tag then my drawing, but the drawing still helped alot.

After you have decided on what you want, prepare the sheet by hanging it up somewhere it won't matter if paint bleeds through or gets on stuff.I hung my sheet up on an old van with paint already on it.I held it up by a rake thingy on top of the van.

Step 2: Coloring

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Start spraypainting each letter touching each other with the main color.Make the lines thick by keeping the nozzle about five inches away from the sheet.
Once you are happy with the outline you can start filling in the letters.Use a sweeping motion slowly so that the color looks pretty even.Don't get the can to close to the sheet or the color will look kinda blotchy.
Your finger you use to keep the nozzle pressed will probably hurt by now so take a break.
Some nozzles work way better than others so look out for them and keep them, thats what i do.

Step 3: Outlining

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Once the letters are colored it is me to re outline the letters in black or another dark color.Go back over the kinda visible lines of before slowly to make sure there isn't many mistakes.Do one letter at a time.

Step 4: Detailing

Picture of Detailing
Now is the time to add shadowing or any other details.Use white to add highlights if you want.You have to keep going over the white to get it to stand out so be careful because it can run and look drippy easy .
I added an extra outline to mine about an inch away and a zigzag part on top.
i messed up on the zig zag part.Be slow and careful as you start finishing up!
Here is me adding the last outline.

Step 5: You Are Finished!

Picture of You Are Finished!

You are done!
After all the paint has dried you can do whatever you want to it! Just remember it flammable!
I like to cut mine out and hang them on my bedroom wall, but i let them sit out a couple days because they smell bad.


tesltarsk (author)2016-11-15

seeps it?

That One Eegit (author)2011-07-27

Ive seen special handgrips shaped like a pistol grip. When you pull the trigger, it sprays. They're about $3

Pumpkin$ (author)2009-12-10

Sorry bro, Gonna have to call TOY TOY TOY...

You're getting there though, I'd get some better gear, and work on outlines.

ilpug (author)Pumpkin$2011-06-02

and shadowing. he should have left the shadows in from the original black book. it would have looked better.

ledzep567 (author)2008-12-05

unless you buy "Painters touch" made by rustoleum you cant use caps from other aerosol cans because almost all spraypaint cans have a female valve system. except for painters touch and all other aerosol cans have a male valve system and molotow markers do suck, the formula is horrible. buy Oink ink its probably the best stuff on the market as far as refills go. Just buy from a site, send them a money order if you dont have a credit card it would look better if you didnt mess up the second(the black outline that isnt touching the main body) i hope you dont put throwies of that quality on the street(its called a throwy, not a piece by the way) this instructable is Okay on the basis its the first writing tutorial and it shows it in basic steps. it could be better but oh well, props for being the first. i would have liked to see more about the qualities of the different brands of spraypaint out on the market(and im not talking about paint like Hardcore, beat sabotaz ironlak , i mean rustoleum and krylon so you cant steal a review or someone elses opinion) also, saying you buy anything from will most likely get you labeled as a toy.the only guy out there in the graffiti market out to help and not make money is James from (im out to make money, my site will be up once i get this shipment in) also, graffiti and stealing come hand in hand. graffiti and "thug attitude" come hand in hand unless you get into stencils and wheatpaste posters and stickers. so if you want the true "graffiti experience" dont get mad at people for being harsh on you. its all part of the game and i went waayyy too nice on you. also, il be up for a battle, pick the word and category and Pm me

rperona (author)ledzep5672011-05-31

I'm pretty sure the ads are on the right side of the page, but i could be wrong...

lashy (author)2011-05-29

its okay but ive seen better no ofense
since the one i have seen are made by people doing this for like their whole life this is still preatty good

dergon (author)2011-03-29

this sucks.

skee ball (author)dergon2011-05-04

its like u then

aaa11222 (author)2010-12-08

i think it is stupid

djlewis725 (author)2010-01-27

when i try to make a different tween it's never smooth it's always blotchy. Any tips?

ilpug (author)2009-10-12


crap57 (author)2009-10-08


wenpherd (author)2009-05-09

where is the video!?!?!?!?!?! this is cool

xGraffitiSansacionx (author)2009-02-05

Well .... this is all i could come up with lol.. i'ma little rusty. but this site helpped me some =]

sunshine n a bottle (author)2008-12-30

i think this is a nice picture u put a lot of effort great

qzruh (author)2008-12-20

graffiti on T-shirt? hm.. get well with stencil.


jasperfox (author)2008-12-11

eney one up 4 skechin me {soundcheck] 4 a soundsystem?

cop (author)2008-11-20

Good Job

momm (author)2008-09-17

I agree with okto 100%. When learning new things I don't start with the most complicated. All your suggestions are helpful and your instructions are easy to follow making this a successful instructable. Though I might add that when combining shapes of the same colour it would be helpful to have an outline to follow.

SHOTEM (author)2008-08-30

this is really useful thanks. shot'em!

smeeves (author)2008-07-05

I THINK IT LOOKS COOL. sure its simple and he prolly didnt do his best but i like it. and besides, before bitching and yelling at him taht he sucks, how about you show , er, PROVE that you can do better.

skimask (author)2008-05-26

how did i know just from looking at all the recent graffiti threads there were going to be toy arguments?

graffiti513 (author)2008-04-26

ya you dont need a graffiti shop for fat caps man. hit up some other aerosols. (i know where to get rusto fats easy)

sk8er6 (author)2007-11-22

You're a toy.

connorcancount! (author)sk8er62007-11-25

haha okay. gosh, i am just so offended by being called a toy from such an amazing "sk8ter" graffiti artist. damn.

sk8er6 (author)connorcancount!2007-11-25

Not trying to bust your nuts, but would you learn to drive from someone who just knows how to start a car? same principle. "yeah, i like markers too, actually i just ordered my first real professional ones from a couple days ago, err i cant wait till they get here!" why, so you can draw on some boxes in your room? i suggest quit wasting money and supplies, and keep to the paper in your black book for now. and pretty much all the markers with the exception of the DED products on Bombing Science suck. if you wanna battle, choose a word. on paper of course. i dont like to waste supplies.

Jack-In-Da-Box (author)sk8er62008-04-14

BAHAHAHA, why use markers when you can use Ironlaks and thin caps BAHAHAHAHA!

zoltan155 (author)sk8er62008-04-14

i prefer the OTR FlowPen from bombing science. u got a point though. this foo is all talk. hes prob gonna google "graffiti" and then right click "save Picture as" and then send it to u. post the pic when u get it, someone will claim it. dont even listen to little pricks like him. just do ur thing, the second he called u toy u should of known hes a "poser" or whatever, toy... no respect, hasnt seen real a real throw up = TOY!

JusCoz (author)2007-09-16

Interesting tool(s) prolific among both pro's and am's is/are custom nozzles. Where I live we have numerous shops {Bomb Shelters} where you can get tips to spray big, small, flat, even mixing caps! They will help you turn any piss poor idea into a piss poor idea with STYLE!

connorcancount! (author)JusCoz2007-09-16

Ughhh, it sounds like where you live is the place to be if your a tagger. Unfortunately where i live stores like that aren't around here. I have heard of nozzles like NY fat caps ect., but i could only get them over the net. if you know how to modify nozzles, tell me , i would really appreciate it.

bones1 (author)connorcancount!2007-12-01

you can heat up a nedel and stick it in both ends

connorcancount! (author)bones12007-12-02

what, to make the hole wider, I don't get it, do you mean the stem and the hole the paint comes out of?

bones1 (author)connorcancount!2007-12-06

in the end it comes outa othere wise it wouldnt fit bak on

sole (author)connorcancount!2007-11-21

Back in the old days my father stole nozzles from other aerosole cans because not every aerosol can has the same nozzle there is a difference between those of a deodorant and spraypaint, this is not to say that you should steal them but if your cans are empty keep the nozzles.

connorcancount! (author)sole2007-11-22

yeah, i have been doing that , keeping the better caps but i never thought of taking nozzles from other aerosol cans, thanks

JusCoz (author)connorcancount!2007-09-16

I just read my post there again, and I definitely didn't mean that this instructable was a piss poor idea! (just for the record) I live in Toronto, and for some reason the urban scene here is actually pretty safe. I totally support the inclusion of everyone in bombing, and I had no idea that tips were a rare commodity, I better buy more! As for self modification, its tough, but I've seen it done. I'll see what I can concoct as an instructable...I've been waiting for a cool new one!

connorcancount! (author)JusCoz2007-09-18

haha i got what you meant. Definitely tell me when you post that instrucstable, I would love to read it.

jango (author)2007-12-06

molotow equals poop

bones1 (author)2007-12-01

wow you got angry you sound bare stressed jus sit back and relax jesus people have seen your reaction and there havin fun at you sooo stop playin there game

hendrix13494 (author)2007-11-20

or you could just buy some bigger caps

yeah, but there are no graffiti shops around here

Remote Man (author)2007-10-13

<3 Marker graffiti. notsomuch spray paint. but still, ace instructable! * i wi-fives you* xD

yeah, i like markers too, actually i just ordered my first real professional ones from a couple days ago, err i cant wait till they get here!

Aburame Shino (author)2007-09-22

This sounds like something I could do with regular old colored pencils on paper. Very nice, and it can make some wannabe tagger into a semi-semi-semi-pro. Lol.

haha tanks. and yeah, very semi.

okto (author)2007-07-01

Building on this instructable (which is great not only because it is well done, but because it is the first freehanding instructable AFAIK), when working on your tag, make it legible. The tags that impress me the most are not the intertwined tangled-up ones that look like the Venom symbiont, but ones that show skill in setting a visual tone for your letters rather than just showing off the ability to make things illegible.

connorcancount! (author)okto2007-09-14

thanks , okto.

nero (author)2007-08-29

sweet dude, i took ur advice, went out and got a load of paint and painted nero on my bedroom wall =] lmao thanks, ill remember this, keep them comin =]

connorcancount! (author)nero2007-08-30

thanks, yeah i paint them on sheets in case I dont like, then tack them up.

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