Introduction: Graffiti Marker HACK Made From a Glass Marker

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Make a mop marker from glass markers. used on car windows....i make it fun and easy!!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

to do this you will need...
1:glass marker (you can get this from just about any craft store used for writing on car windows.)
2:needle nose plyers
3:butter knife
CAUTION this may get messy black paint on your table/workspace but its washible.

Step 2: Taking the Top Off

Picture of Taking the Top Off

Use the plyers to spin the top.
after you have spun it wedge the butter knife in the crack and push the top up.

Step 3: Wedge the Butter Knife

Picture of Wedge the Butter Knife

wedge the butter knife in the crack and push up making the top come up and off.

Step 4: Peice of Plastic in Nib

Picture of Peice of Plastic in Nib

Now that you have pulled the tip off you see that there is a peice of plastic in the tip that is spirial. This is so that it pushes the mop up and why you have to push the tip down for paint to come out. But if you take it away paint run free when you squeeze the tube.

Step 5: Put the Tip Back In

Picture of Put the Tip Back In

Now that you have taken the peice of plastic out you can now put the tip back in.


Picture of AND YOU'RE DONE!!

ok now your done. now paint the world. go get your tag up...put your name out there! just dont get caught! oh and if you looking for good recipes for inks and paints to fill your new homemade marker look for my next instructable and paints?? but until then experiment..make your own and always...HAVE FUN!


LasVegas (author)2007-04-16

Please DON'T TAG! It costs us billions in tax dollars to keep cleaning that eye pollution. It helps no one and is illegal. Anyone tagging deserves, as our (Las Vegas') esteemed mayor suggested, their thumbs cut off! It's just too bad that it's not appropriate in this day and age.

biofueljunke (author)LasVegas2010-04-17

i love blank walls... it means im the first one to write on it

loikkonen (author)biofueljunke2013-05-19

Nice one ;)

cry_wolf (author)LasVegas2007-08-06

I agree with a lot of what you say, but eye pollution? Honestly, just because you don't see it as art doesn't mean that it is an eyesore. It doesn't have to look like the Mona Lisa to be art. I am an artist myself, and i have won competitions with realistic pieces, but i am also a legal graffiti artist. My school respects my graffiti as art. Even a simple tag can be art. They have flow, and a general nature to strike a person with curiosity. It is leading modern art, there are museums that hold graffiti art pieces. Next time you say that it is "eye pollution" do some research.

LasVegas (author)cry_wolf2007-08-06

In an appropriate location, such as on canvas or legally painted on a wall intended for such work, it's art. When placed on my wall, freeway barriers, the playgrounds, power boxes and anywhere else that it's not welcome, it's an eyesore and illegal. Anyone that feels they have a right to deface other people's property should be in jail, where they belong.

pixelhustler (author)LasVegas2007-08-07

Id much rather hang out with someone who tags dirty city buildings than someone who condones cutting peoples fingers off. Look in the mirror before you go judging people.

LasVegas (author)pixelhustler2007-08-07

I don't judge you. If you're one of those that deface our public areas, I just hope that you're eventually caught and have to pay some sort of appropriate penance. I'm really tired of my property taxes constantly going up in part because of tagging. I don't like paying for your hobby.

farbs (author)LasVegas2007-10-19

LasVegas, I appreciate and respect where you are coming from, but I personally thing that everyone is right. Slums aren't very exciting, and unless politically defacing, inappropriately commenting, or just being obnoxious, it is realistic, anonymous modern art that voices opinion silently. I believe graffiti is an art in itself, and since property owners do not normally repaint their "defaced property" your taxes aren't going up. obviously. also, since the property is residential/commercial, not city owned, upkeep isn't taxed. feel free to correct me im only thirteen, lol.

LasVegas (author)farbs2007-10-19

With permission from the owner, I have no objection to artful expressions being painted on the sides of buildings. What I do object to is the majority of graffiti which consists of a gang sign or someones initials along with X's through rivals symbols on city divider walls, business buildings and signs, traffic signs, and city parks among other public works. These take a large amount of local sales taxes to clean and result in constantly higher sales taxes not to mention constant eye sores. Felt markers such as this have no use in real art. That's done with legally purchased spray paint on legally acquired surfaces.

oi__lads (author)LasVegas2007-10-22

I'm sorry, but i had to say something. Felt markers such as this have no use in real art? ANYTHING can have a use in "real art". I'm a painter, and I don' t just limit myself to fancy art supplies. Anything i can get my hands on that will work for a particular piece, i use, whether it's high-end watercolors, or a bit of cardboard and the cheapest spraypaint in Home Depot. and i can now add this snazzy little marker to my stash.

*gets down off her soapbox* my apologies, but that comment just struck me as odd.

LasVegas (author)oi__lads2007-10-22

You don't use a homemade felt marker that has at most limited value to leave a signature... I've seen what I'd consider quality graffiti. And yes it was done legally and with permission. It's never been done with a home made felt marker. The crap I have to wash off of the wall behind my house though could well have been done with this.

sueman2 (author)LasVegas2011-04-28

well, leave a sign. asking people to come white it back out later. simple, if they do it any way then may as well try to better the circumstance.

also if this is such a problem you could always spray some type of plastic or wax couting that paint can not stick to. worst case you just wait till the next rain.

oi__lads (author)LasVegas2007-10-25

I WOULD use a homemade felt marker in my art, given the opportunity and if it suited my needs. Just because it's homemade or modded doesn't mean good art can't be made from it. and i mean that generally, not just for graffiti. good art's not limited to high-quality (aka expensive) supplies.

flio191 (author)oi__lads2008-01-09

i agree... besides, isnt that what artists back then used? they had to make their own paints, charcoals, their own medium, to make art... making the tool was a whole part of the art... and theres no reason why it cant be so nowadays.

marcocen (author)LasVegas2009-02-08

i'd rather see my tax money being used to clean the walls so that new artists can use them than to see it wasted in a war of terror

connorcancount! (author)LasVegas2007-08-14

so you are saying art isn't art if it is't on a canvas or set out destination? Please take another look.

LasVegas (author)connorcancount!2007-08-14

It isn't art if it's destructive to other people's property and not invited. Yes. That's what I'm saying.

connorcancount! (author)LasVegas2007-08-16

it looks the same and has a stronger meaning. it is.

LasVegas (author)connorcancount!2007-08-16

What's the meaning? "I don't care if it's someone else's property. I'll deface it if I want to."?

connorcancount! (author)LasVegas2007-09-10

no, they took a risk, it means they REALLY wanted it, they worked for it. the chance wasnt given to them. thats what it means

LasVegas (author)connorcancount!2007-09-10

No. They defied authority while destroying someone else's property. In doing so, they prove to themselves that they are anarchists, while following all the other idiots before them, proving that they aren't. It's an extremely minor risk, since, even if they are caught, they will sleep in their own bed tonight with both thumbs. The only victim is the land owner that will have to pay for yet another re-painting of the wall.

jackman2 (author)LasVegas2009-10-05

CHill LasVegas, let others have their own views. U r not going to change the world's views so maybe just chill... p.s. tags are awesome

connorcancount! (author)LasVegas2007-09-11

We both obviously have very different opinions and i am not a fan of arguing on the internet. I could reply to this in yet another argument causing message, but i say we end this. Agreed?

dataphool (author)LasVegas2007-09-04

I agree, Las Vegas; your mayor's point of view is refreshing. connorcancount! volunteers to be first with his thumbs. Can I join in support of your mayor? Of course, I'm not a constituent.

fldhkygoalie (author)dataphool2008-03-28

alright so your saying you could see a good painting on a canvas and say "thats art" then see it on a box and say its not?

Kaitlinthegreat (author)LasVegas2008-03-22

Actually,who gives a crap if someone tags the bottom of a bridge,or a train?It just makes it look a hell of alot better.

cry_wolf (author)LasVegas2007-08-07

So you are saying that if you saw some sort of graffiti, or other artwork on a canvas you would appreciate it as art. Now if that same exact thing was on a wall you would not see it as art? You obviously do not have a sense of artistic value in yourself. Graffiti writers are artists. A lot of them do not ONLY write graffiti. They paint, and make careers out of it. In the show miami ink there is a tattoo artists who makes a great income, but is also a graffiti artist. Art doesn't have to be on a canvas. The human body is a piece of art itself, as God molded us in what He envisioned.

ilpug (author)LasVegas2010-12-26

art adorns our prison walls. ever been to prison? people who hate graffiti are just as bad as homophobes. in response to you on behalf of the whole freaking world, i say PLEASE TAG! EVERY WHERE ANYTIME ANY HOW JUST DO IT. i thank the author zenriver for this great idea. i am a proud graffiti artist. if your ever in california and see DAEmon, ive been there. good day sir.

Pumpkin$ (author)LasVegas2010-01-23

Wouldn't matter man, they'd just use the other 4. Can't break the human spirit.

000dmt000 (author)LasVegas2009-07-21

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

fldhkygoalie (author)LasVegas2008-03-28

well because of the govt. its hard for people to express themselves openly. there used to be walls where you could just tag or just paint an art piece. but now they dont have that so were forced to tag in illligeal places. besides, not supporting gangs or anything but if they didnt have tags there would just be fights over territory instead of simply tagging an area.

lakuakasi (author)2013-04-23

Society gets the vandalism it deserves...

IronManMC (author)2012-03-09

A question to taggers - how would you feel if I spray painted your home, car, or other personal possessions with my gang name, "We don't like girls"? (Not my real gang name - it's "Broads who love Limbaugh".. Would you give me a cranial massage with a sledge hammer, pry bar, or Matt Kemp Louisville Slugger (with apologies to Mr. Kemp)?

Do you claim to have the right to paint stuff on my belongings that I don't want? Fine. You can make up laws of which no one else approves. As long as we're in Fantasyland, then I too can make up nonsensical laws just because I enjoy riding roughshod over others, such as "If I catch you, I reserve the right to give you a lead pellet enema with my Remington 12 gauge."

Now before you chew me a new one, I've seen some very artistic graffitti. It's a violation of law to do this on the property of others. Those doing so should not feign surprise and indignation when they're punished.

biofueljunke (author)2010-03-08

the easiest marker to use is a pilot supercolor cant beat a classic

royalestel (author)2007-04-17

Yeah, tagging's lagging, man. Get permission and paint a mural instead. Or try reverse graffiti!

greyshok (author)royalestel2007-12-30

permission is for toys, its not graffiti if you have permission,

vballboy (author)greyshok2009-01-05

So what good is (anonymous) grafitti? If the artist is proud of their work, they don't mind if the community knows they created it, otherwise they hide from public knowledge in shame. Think of how artists sign murals, portraits and stuff. Grafitti can be art. It can also be stealing public or private space in a way that no one likes. What's the point if you are too scared to be publically proud of your work? Shame indicates childish ways. Strive to be an artist, not some silly child with a $2 can of paint who does worthless "art" that no one in the community likes.

ker-boom101 (author)vballboy2009-03-09

First of all Lots of Graffiti artists out there do it for credit and the adrenaline of runnign from vandal squads a Can worth spraying is usually 9 to 20 dollars not 2 if it was 2 sidewalks would be covered even markers and mops are like 8 and were not scared we have the biggest balls out of criminals we try to finish our piece even if it means runnign around the block from the vandal squad so it doesnt really matter where you stand Lots of graffiti artist out there would be offended to comments like this So pleace kindly piss off

ledzep567 (author)ker-boom1012009-04-08

what on earth are you vballboy talking about?

graffiti is literally signing your name on things.

running from vandal squads? seriously? vandal squads investigate from offices and send a cop to your door.

9 to 20 dollars?!?! find me a 9 dollar can thats on the internet, i bet you cant

biggest balls? definatly not. incase you havent noticed, graffiti artists are probably the most skittish/paranoid/nervous criminals out there.

and this is not at all worthy of an entire instructable. oh, i cant wait for your ink and paint recipes. before you even post, fish oil does nothing for your mix. neither does soysauce. and i guarantee you unless you stole your recipe or its ghetto krink it contains one of those ingredients.

the only thing ANYONE said in here thats remotely true is that most people do it for the adrenaline.

oh, and you prettymuch have to start with tagging. and those graffiti artists you see doing commission murals is because everyone knows their name and has seen their tags/throwies/simples and even pieces all over town.

you dont just start drawing "murals", you start at the basics. tagging.

Montana Gold runs about $9 a can. A little more at my local art supply store.

zoltan155 (author)greyshok2008-04-10


flio191 (author)greyshok2008-01-09

Sorry but in my opinion graffiti is meant to be an expression of art and self, and if getting permission means being able to create art on public space, why can't it be graffiti? Besides, some of the most talented people are chosen to do great works on city spaces. I'm so sick of people just writing their name in some horrible handwriting on anywhere they please.

greyshok (author)flio1912008-03-30

graf·fi·ti /grəˈfiti/ [gruh-fee-tee]

1. (used with a plural verb)illegal markings, as initials, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, or sketched on a sidewalk, wall of a building or public restroom, any illegal surfaces, or surfaces in which the perpetrator did not receive permission from the owner/owners of the surface/surfaces: "These graffiti are evidence of the neighborhood's decline."
2. (used with a singular verb) such markings as a whole or as constituting a particular group: "Not much graffiti appears around here these days."

flio191 (author)greyshok2008-03-30

okay... and? graf is what it is and wants to be, defined by the user and not by those who see it. no dictionary can stop us from doing graf when and however we want. chill, its an opinion, agree to disagree. cool?

greyshok (author)flio1912008-03-30

Did I say it could stop graff? No, I don't believe I did. It was an opinion as well. Try to be more open-minded

flio191 (author)greyshok2008-03-30

lol. didnt sound like one. its okay though i see how you were trying to make a point.

allbeef (author)greyshok2008-03-04

sry man it's just graffiti means wrighting on a public surface i don't think it says illigal in there.

greyshok (author)allbeef2008-03-30

check my reply to flio191

oi__lads (author)royalestel2007-10-22

i got the opportunity to do a mural for an arts center in my city last winter. it's a lot better working without having to keep constantly on watch mode, and you don't have to deal with the bummer that's having it whitewashed. plus, it's appreciated more by the community when you do it with permission. only bummer was they wouldn't let me use spraypaint inside the building. :/

sole (author)royalestel2007-07-08

Tagging is the basis you need to learn how to tag before you can do a mural and I must say that that is a nice link you found Royalestel

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