Introduction: Grand Theft Auto V H2O Mask

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GTAV online clown makeup and hokey mask inspired by H2O Delirious.

Step 1: Starting Off With the Clown

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be sure to conceal your eyebrows if they are dark. (mine are black)

then taking a white face paint I put two big circles around my eyes then I made a big smile around my mouth

Step 2: Eyes

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using a lime green body paint I put that around the top of my eye and pulled it down the outside.
then taking red I placed a triangle under my eyes then two lines from my eyelids cease to the brow bone.

I also use the red to draw red where a clowns"blush" would be and placed some red on my eyelids.

Step 3: Detail

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using that red I also painted on my smile, only covering my bottom lip.
Getting a black eyeliner I added a thin line on the inside corners on my eye.

then getting a white body paint I started my shirt.

Step 4: Jacket

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after placing enough white I then put blue on my showers and the rest of my chest.

Step 5: Shadows

Picture of Shadows

using a black eyeshadow I then added the neckline and some wrinkles in the shirt.

Step 6: Detail

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using black body paint a added some deeper lines then I also added the line for the good of the jacket.
using the eyeshadow again I added wrinkles in the jacket as well as darkening the shirt wrinkles.

Step 7: Clown Face Done

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let's move on to the mask.

Step 8: Starting Off

Picture of Starting Off

Sketch out the design using WHITE eyeliner.
then paint in a lot of your face white.

Step 9: Eyes

Picture of Eyes

cover yours eyes in black paint, set it with eyeshadow.

Step 10: Gray

Picture of Gray

fill in your nose with gray (triangle shape) and use that gray to add detail to your eyes.

Step 11: Red

Picture of Red

then using red to fill in the triangle on the forehead and cheeks.

Step 12: Last Step

Picture of Last Step

use black paint to fill in the dots on the forehead and cheeks

Step 13: Mask Done

Picture of Mask Done



RianC1 (author)2015-09-10

10:10 great instructable

MsMaoMaoz (author)RianC12015-09-15

Thank you!

cff0055 (author)2015-08-17

Holy crap...literally the last place I'd expect to see H20 Delirious referenced. Top notch instructable.

MsMaoMaoz (author)cff00552015-08-18

Haha. Doing the unexpected is my thing. =P

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