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UPDATE: 20-11-10: This got 4.56 stars! Seriously!

In-universe background information:

Height: 8 meters tall.
Weight: 170 ton.
Armour: Titanium composite material, Ceramic plates, Doubled ERA plates with shrapnel protector (prevents possibly deadly shrapnel from flying in random directions should the ERA's be triggered)
Crew: 1 pilotgunner, 1 navigator, 1 Smart AI.
Armament: one LR 150 mm heavy railgun w/ artillery support functions and selective fire loadout ("Groundpounder" AOF bombs or "Bunker buster" missile assisted armour piecing tandem charge precision warhead), one obelisk beam cannon, one65 MM HE-Frag gattling cannon, 2 SRMM50 (Short Range Multifunctional Missile) missile pods, two AI controlled heavy machine guns w manual target assistance function.
Other non-weapon equipment: Air defence radar, EMP missiles, electronic anti missile countermeasures, flares, anti missile laser beam, 2 "Venom" emergency escape pods, "Firefly" Scoutsupport UAV (w 30 cal. machine gun, live communication with other units and stealth detection scanner), radar, lidar, backup stealth detection scanner should the UAV be destroyed.

Description and photos say it all. A knex mech. I got kinda bored with my guns so I thought I could maybe post this. Good luck building!

Step 1: Parts List

Parts you need:

Y connector: 4
Ball connector: 1
Joint connector: 1
Gray one-hole connector: 8
Other type of gray connector: 13
Orange connector: 2
Red connector: 17
Green connector: 13
Yellow connector: 6
White connector: 1

Green rod:12
White rod: 22
Blue rod: 7
Yellow rod: 3

Step 2: Legs

Picture of Legs

First you'll have to make the legs. Start with the main structure, shown on the first two images. Sorry fo the blur. You will need 2 of these. The orange thing is a light grey connector. If you're done, make the feet, shown on image 3. Take good note that one of the green connectors is a yellow, this is important for stability later on. The part in image 4 is also very important for stability. In image 5, 6 and 7 you can see how this works out. I know, the robot can not walk with two bars attached to if feet, but this prevents it from toppeling over. Then just add the two legs to the feet, and we got the first part done! Easy, no? Let's move on...

Step 3: Body

Picture of Body

Nothing like a sturdy base to build on!
-TigerNod, while playing C&C 3 and peforming an hit-and-run with his scorps.

The body, a large chunck of metal that houses the critical parts of a mech to operate and that can be used to mount various weapon systems. Follow the pictures.

Step 4: Legs + Body = EPIC WIN!!! (but Not a Grand Titan)

Picture of Legs + Body = EPIC WIN!!! (but Not a Grand Titan)

Not really a step, just a little filler up to keep the pressure on. Look at the fourth picture, isn'nt it beutiful? We almost got ourselves a trusty mech! But we're not there yet, so get busy.

Step 5: Cockpit & Missile Launcher

Picture of Cockpit & Missile Launcher

Step 6: "Nice View From Up Here!" -Mech Pilot

Picture of "Nice View From Up Here!" -Mech Pilot

Sorry for the blur. By now, it might be a good idea to take a break from your hard work. After all, I am not responsible for any damage caused by not taking enough rest ;-)

Step 7: Gattling Cannon and Railgun ( the Fun Parts :-D)

Picture of Gattling Cannon and Railgun ( the Fun Parts :-D)

In the fist picture is the Railgun. If you can't make it from that pic, you're just lazy, or stupid. The other eight pictures show the Gattling, in steps, and the final one is the arm you need to put them on.

Step 8: At Last! the Final Assembly! :D

Picture of At Last! the Final Assembly! :D

So there we are, at the final step! In the first image, add the gattling to the "arms". Shouldn't be too hard. Then, add the Railgun the the other arm. Add the arm to the body of the mech as shown in image 3. Then finally, add the cockpit. In the fouth image the arms are removed for a better view at the parts; however, I put them back on in the fifth. The cockpit should fit exactly on the other parts. In the other pictures you can see how.

Step 9: Finished!

Picture of Finished!

Congratulations. You are done with building. Now use your new Titan knex mech to crush some kitties!


Team BuildIt (author)2013-09-04

here my grand titan

TigerNod (author)Team BuildIt2013-11-19

Very nice! I see you got the hang of it?

hunter999 (author)2013-06-25


TigerNod (author)instructaguy2012-02-25

That is pretty cool! Better than my robot.

instructaguy (author)TigerNod2012-02-26

thanks, im glad you liked t :)

k-n-e-x(leaved ibls) (author)2010-12-09


Thanks! Glad you liked it!

Maybe I'll make some other new mechs soon enough. Or, I could modify this one a bit more.

Music man (author)2010-10-18

im making attachments for his right arm such as a rocket launcher

TigerNod (author)Music man2010-11-11

Yeah, poor kitteh... Don't worry, the kitteh survived the attack. I'm glad to hear you like my bot. Maybe I'll build another one....

Sorry I have been inactive for the last few months. But it's great to hear you have a mod for this. Would you please show me a picture?

Music man (author)TigerNod2010-11-20

I will post a super duck to protect poor kitty

TigerNod (author)Music man2010-11-20

In that case, I attack Superduck with:

Music man (author)TigerNod2010-11-21

Then I will flush him down my knex toilet.
Check it out at ......

Music man (author)2010-10-18

thanks. your titan is super cool. i love it. poor kitty

miniclipper (author)2010-08-01

It is a awesome rpg game and its free or if you want to be a member you pay it's really cool.

TigerNod (author)miniclipper2010-08-07

Oh, right, now I see. Yeah, remember mechquest, I didn't like the game at all.

miniclipper (author)2010-07-27

Do you go on mech quest to

TigerNod (author)miniclipper2010-07-31

Mech quest? What is that?

dommy (author)2010-04-24

How do you put the machine guns on the  main frame ??

TigerNod (author)dommy2010-04-24

Connect the two white rods in picture 2 with the body in  picure 1, and you have the same thing as in picture 3. The final picture also whows very clearly where the machine guns need to be.

dommy (author)TigerNod2010-06-22

thanx ive done it now (kinda late)

~KGB~ (author)2010-02-22

pretty cool!

TigerNod (author)~KGB~2010-02-23

Thank you! Have you seen my other model, the Firehawk\Banshee?

cool,5*, and i might build

Thanks! But do you mean my fighter-jet, or my battlewalker?

um, i now have other plans for something. sorry.

I see, no prob's.

thanks, appreciate it

~KGB~ (author)TigerNod2010-02-23

no problem! yep..

brammeke11 (author)2010-02-23

kitty snack

DJ Radio (author)2010-02-22

Was this based off an old lego set they had a few years ago of the same name?

TigerNod (author)DJ Radio2010-02-23

Umm... Yes. Originally, I wanted to call it "Titan", but since there already were so much things called Titan, I replaced it with "Grand Titan". I don't have much creativity when it comes to making names for knex models. 

FlutterTree (author)2010-02-21

OMG! He kills poor kitteh! teh horror! teh horror!

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