I started making pickles homemade, because my kids have an allergy to all food dye.  If you have ever read the labels of store boughten pickles then you know that they all have dye in them.  Clausen pickles are the only ones that I have found that do not, but they are so expensive.  It was tragic for my kids because they absolutely LOVE pickles.  So we came up with an all natural solution that made everyone happy.

Step 1: Getting Started.

This recipe will yield approximately 8 to 10 quarts.

First, you need to gather your ingredients, jars, lids, Boiling-Water canning pot, and any other canning tools that you may need.

To prepare your jars: 
Wash your jars and rings in HOT soapy water.  Then dry them and set them off to the side.  Put your lids in a small sauce pan and slowly bring them to a gentle boil.  Let them continually boil gently until you are ready to use them. 

Gathering ingredients: 
3 quarts of Water
1 quart of Vinegar
3 teaspoons of Alum
3/4 cup pickling/canning salt
Fresh Dill
Fresh Garlic

Then, fill your boiling-water canning pot about 2/3 of the way full and start water coming to a boil.
Do they have a snap to them when you bite into them?
The kids say yes..
The kids say yes..
<p>Have been trying to find the right recipe for years! this is the only one that has the flavor I really like! :) thank you for sharing!</p>
Very nice stuff. :)To get that picklely colour your kids like, maybe try Turmeric. its a yellowish spice that comes from a root. Its used in some condiments for its colour and used in lots of Indian cooking.Its also one component in curry spice. I like to add it to some of my food because of its health benefits and love to add a bit to my broccoli soup. It then becomes a nice bright green soup. The thing I like about this spice is that the taste blends in well with other foods and doesn't over power them so long as you don't over do it. Guess you are going to have to go with your own sense of taste of how much to try with your stuff. Hope it works out with you.
I have been waiting to try this recipe although you cannot get fresh dill here in Alabama this time of year so I will have to use dry. Do you have an idea of how much to use if you used dried dill? <br>
Sorry for taking so long. We grow our dill but we found some at Meijer. I would try 1 to 2 tablespoons of dried dill sprinkle half in the bottom with the garlic, and other half on top. Let me know how it turns out.
Sounds good, I will let you know. We just had a break from the drought, so hopefully my cucumbers will start producing heavy again. Dill and cilantro grow and start to go straight to seed down here. That is why we cannot grow it. I never thought about trying to get it fresh in a grocery store though! Probably Publix would have it or one of the higher end stores. Thanks for the advice!
I am very picky and only like clausen, how would you say these compare in the flavor? I might have to try them!
Yes, I do agree. Clausen pickles are good pickles. But I have 5 kids and with as much as they like pickles it would get too expensive for me to keep buying them. This way allows me to grow my own cucumbers, dill and garlic. Plus I know what is in them, and that they aren't getting the dye. I believe that my kids think that pickles are in there own food group or something.....lol
However, Clausens are pretty darn good.
Clausen pickles would never compare to these home made babies! Thanks for sharing.

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