Step 2: Preparing the Filling.......

Soften the brown sugar and eggs. This is especially true if your brown sugar has become a bit dried. Otherwise, you can simple mix the two. I prefer dark brown sugar-just don't use granulated sugar as is called for in most recipes........

Add your spices, salt and molasses. Make sure your spices are fresh and fragrant. (And don't omit any--these make the pie YUMMY!)

Finally, stir in the milk and the pumpkin. The richer the milk, the richer the pie. But let it be known, I have made this pie with skim milk and results are still great.
the surface looks a little un-even try cooking it at a lower temperature
Didn't know this trick........what temp do you suggest?
umm.. i don't really know, just cook at a lower temperature for more time, this is only a theory, i have no experience making pies... oh and about quarter way into baking (when it's firm yet pliable) take it out of the oven, get a spoon and a cup of water, dip the spoon in the water and smooth over the surface of the pie
Whatchyou talkin bout willis?
Great job! Sorry about the pictures, I had to take them with my phone instead of my camera (charger died). Can't wait to eat it!
Just imagine what I could do with that instructables rolling pin.....
<sup></sup>hit me over the head when I try to take some before its done?<sup></sup><br/>
No, no, no....how about a nice apple pie ala mode!
nice job mom

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