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I don't have any talent for cooking. Actually, I suck at cooking. And I don't like cooking. But one day... I went to see my Grandma. She was shocked to learn I had no idea of cooking. She told me: "do you have some free time ahead? Like, an hour?" And this is how my cooking lessons started. Thanks to my Grandmother I can eat

easily and in an asorted way :p

So she teach me a looooot of things, but I want to share one soup. Is the best and easy soup I have ever made. In fact I made it some times a week. And you only need one pot!


- 1 or 2 leeks (1 if it's a big one, 2 if they are small)

- 2 Courgette / Zucchini

- 2 potatoes

- 3 carrots

- Celery

- 2 Maggie Vegetable Stock Cubes** (or similar)

- OPTIONAL: Salt and olive oil

*This is the basic list ingredients, but you can add or take out whatever you want. Sometimes I add a piece of pumpkin, more courgette, I leave out the carrots. You can also use turnip, parsnip... whatever you want.

**These cubes are made out of vegetables. The soup is apt for vegetarians and vegans. These are special cubes, please see the picture of the package. And no, I'm not paid by Maggi... :p


- Knife

- Potato Peeler

- Hand Blender

Step 1:

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Take a knife and a potato peleer. Peel and cut all the vegetables and put them in a pot.

Step 2:

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The first time I made this soup I only had one doubt: What do I do with these leeks? Easy!

1. Cut the roots.

2. Cut the leek all along.

3. Take out the outer leaves.

4. Cut them is little bits.

TIP:Don't throw away the leaves, like most people do. Just take out the outer ones (those which are darker) and keep the rest. My Grandma says that these are the good bits (this is where all the vitamines are). Once it gets more difficult to cut them just stop an throw whatever remains.

Step 3:

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Add the leek with the rest of vegetables and add a branch of Celery.

Step 4:

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When all the vegetables are cut and in the pot, add two Maggi Cubes.

Step 5:

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Then add some water. You need to add water until it covers the vegetables. Let it cook for about 30 minutes (it can be more or less depending on which vegetables you have chosen and whether you have cut them into bigger or smaller slices.

You can add more water during the cooking time if you feel it has evaporated too much. Or if you want your soup to be a bit more liquid. Actually, this soups tends to be a bit "thick", so make sure to add the amount of water you wish according to your tastes.

TIP: To know if it's ready, catch a carrot and cut it with a knife. If you can cut it easily, the soup is ready. If not, let it cook a few more minutes.

Step 6:

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Once the soup is ready, take out the Celery.

If you don't, the soup will be full of Celery threads. It's a little bit disgusting...

Then, blend everything with the hand blender.

Step 7:

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And here it is! The best soup ever! Thanks grandma!

I hope you love this recipe as much I do. A little tip: if you want to share it with more people, you can put some soup into a water bottle. It's the best way to carry it around :p

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Robert Park (author)2016-02-14

Where do I vote? Your grandmother's soup rules!

Glad you like it :) If you make some soup upload pictures, I would like to see it.

To vote, you need to go to the top of this page (the project's page) and on the right you'll will find a bouton that says Vote. Or, you can also go directly to the One Pot Meals Contest page (explore --> Contests) and search my project.

Thanks for the vote. I'm happy that people love the soup :)

Ah, Lawd girl, I ain't got no camera. Doesn't mean I don't go into the kitchen and do what you did. Ah, Switzerland. Long time ago I worked in a kitchen in a D class hotel. Château-d'Œx. Where I found me legs. Good chef/bad chef. Italiano. Don't forget any of it. Can you believe I actually had a Swiss work permit. But, then it was time to go. Eventually came home. And life took a complete different direction.

Still love cooking, especially for others.

Don't worry about the camera, it was just curiosity. Wow, you worked in Switzerland? Sure you've learned plenty of things. Glad that my grandmother's soup is interesting for a chef :) But the most surprising thing is that you still having a work permit, so difficult to achieve...

Ah hell, I ain't got no camera. Just go into the kitchen, and start doing, as inspired by your recipe. Hey, once I worked in a kitchen in a Swiss hotel (way down in the pecking order). Chateaux De. Long time ago, but what I learned I haven't forgotten. It's all still in my system.

Food is 'bout feeding people and making them smile. Comforted.

DorothyT4 (author)2016-02-23

I was born in 1958 my grandmother have caramelized the carrot, celery and leek in a bit of fat, added a little salt to release the sugars that would serve as an excellent base for your soup , hope you try it. Good recipie

Kozmicblues69 (author)DorothyT42016-02-24

Thanks for the tip, I will try it, it sounds delicious!

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