Grandma's Granny Square Afghan




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Introduction: Grandma's Granny Square Afghan

My Grandma made the color squares and 27 years after she died I made some squares with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Natural Heather yarn and worked out a pattern of putting them all together to make an afghan.



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    It must have been a challenge to design around the color squares and come up with coordinating squares that were the same size! wow!


    Looks awesome, especially the it the finishing touch!

    That looks lovely! It's great that you were able to use your Grandma's squares- what a neat family heirloom.

    Granny squares always look good in a blanket

    Continuing a creative work, that is very admirable. I bet your Grandma would be so proud of the really nice job you did putting it all together. Talent must run in the family! Very nice.

    Wow, I wish I was as talented at granny squares like you to be able to have it look as good as yours does! Incredible job!

    This is AWESOME! Very cool & pretty!

    Very nice! I like how there's a lot of different colors, it looks really nice!