There are many roads to Chicago. You can take a plane, car, train or walk. There are many ways to produce a video. Here is one example of how I have done it:

Each step in this tutorial has multiple steps. The scope of this instructable is not to cover each step in detail but to provide a helicopter overview and the workflow I used with one particular children's story - "Grandpa's Dream". A great deal of the software tools I used in this project cost no money at all.

Step 1: Process

Write ----> Story Board with sketches ----> professionally narrated and score -----> scan artwork -------> edit audio narration -----> import into Crazy Talk -----> export animated video from Crazy Talk into Kdenlive -----> produce video timeline in Kdenlive (you can also use Adobe Premier or Final Cut Pro or others) -----> output to Youtube

The computer systems used in creating this animation were: Linux (Ubuntu/Kdenlive video editing software), Windows (Crazy Talk animation), Apple (narration and music)

The software used was for this project was: Xsane (image scanning over a networked connection), GIMP (cropping images on Linux), Kdenlive (Video editing software and effects on Linux), Crazy Talk (animated eyes and mouth from still images on Windows PC), Audacity (audio editing on Linux), Logic Pro (narration and music on Apple).

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