video Granite and EL Wire
I wanted to create something cool and original using natural stone and el wire.  Here is what I came up with.  I'm not too excited about the finished piece but it gave me some cool ideas for the next round.

looks like this would be awesome if the grooves were only as deep as the wire is wide, that way the light would be visible from almost any angle
coleyy4 years ago
pretty awesome, but can you do it with wood?
sensoryhouse (author)  coleyy4 years ago
Mr.Miz4 years ago
Gives me some ideas for embedding in concrete. Probably need some kind of replacement so you can polish it down flush.... thanks gives me some good ideas for using EL wire.
lensam694 years ago
Looks like something out of Tron.
milleh20064 years ago
very interesting idea and OMG I LOVE UR WORK
I like it, how it opens up for other things.