Grannies Pumpkin-Ginger Soup




Introduction: Grannies Pumpkin-Ginger Soup

After halloween you might have some inner life of pumpkins left.  Try out this recipe and you can enjoy your halloween pumpkins twice! Once as jack-o-lanterns and once as pumpkin soup! This is my favourite, super simple 8-step pumpkin-ginger soup recipe. Its enough for 4 big portions. 

If you're true carnivore, you can pimp this recipe up, by adding cut sausages.

You need:
  • Normally sized (soccer ball size) pumpkin.
  • 2-3 Carrots
  • 2 Onions
  • Bouillon
  • Ginger
  • Salt / Pepper
  • Optional: PiriPiri
  • Optional: Sausages

  1. Cut and peel a normally sized pumpkin. Add cut and peeled carrots, onions, and a piece of ginger and some bouillon.
  2. Fill a saucepan with 2 inches of water and put everything onto a colander which is made to be put in a saucepan. (See image). 
  3. Close the lid of the saucepan and heat up to the maximum. Let it boil for 15-20 minutes. 
  4. Pour the water off and put everything into a bowl.
  5. Mix it.
  6. Add salt, pepper, a tiny little bit of piripiri (spicey hot sauce) and cream.
  7. Dilute with cream or water until the desired consistency is achieved.
  8. Enjoy!



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