Picture of Grape Arbor with bench for a small space.
Small space Grape Arbor
I have decided to try some grape vines in my small back garden. I purchased two grape vine plants in mail order. With the houses and trees around my property being close I had to position the new grape arbor in the middle of my back garden to get the maximum sun, right beside my 4x 6 mini greenhouse.
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Step 1: Tools & Materials list

Tools list:
cordless drill with screw bits and drill bits
straight level
Post level
2 paint brush
Materials list:
deck screws, various sizes
4 lag screws with 4 large washers Galvanized
Stainless #10 1 inch screws and #10 stainless washers for attaching wire
14 Gauge Galvanized wire
2 bags gravel
2 bags cement
5 -8' 2x4 PT lumber
7 pc 2x2 deck rails
1 12 foot pc 1x6 PT cut in half at home depot (so I could get it in the car)
Various pieces of Scrap wood for bench not PT
Deck stain (left over from when I stained my deck last year)
Green exterior latex paint
Leftover brown paint and grimmer primer from other projects
Bagged garden soil
2 grow tubes for baby grape plants
Left over black garden weed block fabric
scrap wood for stakes and braces

Step 2: Measure, mark, dig

I measured and marked off an area 3' x 3' square with stakes and dug 4 corner post holes about 17"deep x 10"wide. I know I should have made the holes deeper but I just could not get any deeper than 17".
I am using 2x4 posts because 4x4s are just too much for me to handle on my own and I figured this is a small structure, it sould be ok.
iPodGuy5 years ago
Cool. I just dug the post holes for my arbor last night. Our designs are quite similar. Good going!
Josieac (author)  iPodGuy5 years ago
Thanks. the Grape vines are peeking out of the grow tubes.
Spiff735 years ago
I'd thought about a project like this for my parent's cottage with the vines going along the top of the arbor to provide more shade in the summer. One reason that I haven't done it is a concern about bees. If you have done this before; have you noticed any bee problem?
Josieac (author)  Spiff735 years ago
This is my first time at grape vines and arbor. I have read that bees are attracted to the grapes as well as birds. However from the time I put up the frame to the time I finished with the wire and stain (about 4 to 6 weeks) there were 2 holes drill on the underside of the 1x6 boards by bees. big fat ones that look like bumble bee but I think they are called carpenter bees. I plugged the holes and will have to keep an eye out for any more of that kind of "construction".