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Introduction: Grape Peeling Lifehack

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Unfortunately my 10 month old son loves grapes so this caused me a lot of headache... After some days this method looked to be the easiest for me.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Some other advise if you want to pell grapes:
- Try to buy seedless grapes

- Try to buy larger grapes

Step 2: #1

Put the grapes between two plates and cut them through with sharp long knife. Push the upper plate down while cutting. Watch for your hands!!!

Step 3: #2

Take a small coffee spoon and remove all of the seeds

Step 4: #3

Put a half grape to the cutting board. Cut off the skin while pushing the blade and rolling the grape at the same time.

After that if there some left skin at the ends cut them off with the knife.

Step 5: The End

This is not an everyday problem but might can help if you want to peel grapes.

If you have any better technique please share in the comment section.

Step 6: Don't Forget to Check Out the Video Please

As always thanks for your support!



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    12 Discussions

    You could also skip the knife and scoop the flesh out with the spoon.

    Blanching most fruits and vegetables with skins is a common way of loosening the skin from the pulp. Try that before slicing, and you might be able to just slip the skins off.

    1 reply

    This is a school laptop im using and the video is blocked how can i get an idea of what to do

    There is nothing wrong with eating the skin or seeds, however, for children under five grapes and popcorn are the two biggest causes of choking. Removing the skin makes the fruit softer and easier to remove if stuck in an airway.

    I was just wondering why would you need to peel all the grapes

    I love the hack where you cut all the grapes at once. I do wonder why you want to peel the grapes.

    2 replies

    Been asking myself that same question. What am I missing?
    Our son ate tons of them, too, when he was around that age.

    The skins and seeds came out undigested but other than that, no problem.

    Every kid is different , my son too loved eating grapes but he used to have vomit reflexes when tried to ingest the skin.

    For what its worth I raised monkeys for 40 years and one of females would eat the banana then the peel, but when it came to apples and grapes she would only eat the inner and spit the peelings out. I still don't understand why.

    Almost all of the nutritional value is in the skin. If you peel the grape, you've reduced it to not much more than fructose.

    Perhaps I'm too lazy to take the time to remove the nutritional benefits from my food, or perhaps removing the skin of a grape isn't such a great idea. The answer is beyond me.