Picture of Grape Salad
A fairly simple, but refreshingly delicious recipe that's best for potlucks and small parties.
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
- 4lbs of seedless grapes - 12oz cream cheese - 8oz sour cream - 1/2 cup sugar - 1 tsp vanilla extract - 1 scant cup brown sugar - 1 scant cup chopped pecans It's not essential to the recipe, but it looks better if you get multiple kinds of grapes. The recipe calls for 4lbs, but I always get a little extra in case some are rotten or I just want some grapes for myself for lunches.

Step 2: Soften

Picture of Soften
Set the cream cheese aside to soften. Just put in on the cupboard for a while.

Step 3: Clean The Grapes

Picture of Clean The Grapes
Pick all the grapes off the stems and place in a large colander.

Step 4: Wash The Grapes

Picture of Wash The Grapes
Put the colander in the sink and wash the grapes. Don't just spray them, mix them around.

Step 5: Sauce

Picture of Sauce
Put the sugar, cream cheese, sour cream and vanilla in a bowl.

Step 6: Mix

Picture of Mix
Using a hand mixer, beat the mixture until smooth.

Step 7: Dry The Grapes

Picture of Dry The Grapes
Was never sure why mom included this step. My guess is so that the dessert doesn't end up a bit watery. Either way it works, so I'd just do it. Be gentle with them, though.

Step 8: Assemble

Picture of Assemble
Put the grapes in your chosen container. Depending on the size, you may have extra for snacking. Mix them all up so it's colorful.

Step 9: Frost

Picture of Frost
Using the cream cheese mixture, frost the grapes. Just pour it all on and spread it.

Step 10: Almost Done

Picture of Almost Done
Don't mix it at all, just have it on top. It should look like this.

Step 11: Brown Sugar

Picture of Brown Sugar
Carefully spread a scant cup of brown sugar on top.

Step 12: Pecans

Picture of Pecans
Spread a scant cup of chopped pecans on top of the brown sugar layer.

Step 13: Tada!

Picture of Tada!
It should look like this.

Step 14: Chill

Picture of Chill
Cover it and put it in the fridge for at least two hours. Best left overnight.

Step 15: Serving

Picture of Serving
Sorry, buddy. The dessert is too delicious to share with the dog, but that won't stop him from begging for your leftover grapes. Stir the salad right before serving to coat the grapes with the mixture. Brown sugar will be melted. And there you have it!