Picture of Grape crusher
I own a house with a 40+ year old concord grape vine that produces more grapes than I know what to do with (they have seeds so I don't end up eating many of them).  I also have a cool basement and room for projects, and this year I've decided to try to make wine.  Having tried to make jam with the grapes last year, I've already learned that smashing grapes with a potato masher is both time consuming and no fun.  It also isn't very effective.  

I visited my local brew @ home store and got a quick run through of the process of making wine, and all the basic materials.  The store manager estimated that I had over 100lbs of grapes which could produce close to 10 gallons of juice.  From what I remember last year, we took about 15 lbs of grapes (stems and all) and got about 1 gallon of juice after 45min of mashing and squeezing through a cheese cloth.  If we want to get through all 100lbs....there had to be a more efficient way.

My basic plan was to use a car jack to push a disk into a perforated stock pot, to crush the grapes. In the next few pages you'll see the contraption I came up with.  
triumphman2 years ago
Dis you squeeze the juice into a tub ?
neavei3 years ago
like it. side fix would be better for top timbers. Look forward to seeing how it works out.