Picture of Grape64 Portable N64 System


Grape 64 Portable Nintendo 64

3.5 inch LCD screen
Original N64 controls
Headphone Jack
3900mah lipo batteries (3.5- 4 hours of play time)
Expansion pack built in.
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skerzzz3 years ago
hey zachariah i was wondering if you have made a gamecube portable possibly after you made this one? because i want to make a gcp but i dont know if the case for this n64 would be ok for a gamecube portable... what do you think? and where did you get all the information toi build with? benheck?

that would be incredibly difficult because you would be dealing with discs.

wiikey fusion on gamecube

ichisato3 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
yeah, that's not a N64, you run an emulator...durr... he made a classic console ingeniously into a portable, which Nintendo should have done a long time ago!!!



That's so weird...
My HTC can't even handle running it's own OS!
Haha skull kid owned
Oh ya those are great because they can run every single n64 game at full speed with absolutly no problems!

P.S. That was sarcasm.
P.S.S. Everyone has a droid or iPod these days that can emulate n64 games.
P.S.S.S. Making this takes true skill. Anyone can press a button on a phone.
It's actually "P.P.S" as in "Post-Post Script", not "PSS"... Just FYI.
HMice3 years ago
NICE!!!! Is it hard finding old N64 games to play ti with?


David97 HMice3 years ago
My cousin has about 20 games.
looperted HMice3 years ago
If you live in the midwest, you can go to a local Vintage Stock (a store that sells old games, comics, music, etc.) and they would have plenty of old games. But beware, the people there are quite unique in a strange way.
HMice looperted3 years ago
I live in AUSTRALIA. So no. Thnx for the help anyway I'm sure i'll find some at a market if i ever need them.
FelipeM73 months ago

You've Bassically Made An Older Version Of The Wii U But Instead Of The Wii,It's A NINTENDO 64!

The Nintendo 64 U! :D

no, it's more of a gameboy 64, right..?

The GB64 makes much more sense. Never compare the retro systems to newage. Retro games > newage games


Nessnesnerd5 months ago
Does it work with all games?
sajo6 months ago

Hey, someone's trying to make money off of your build ideas.

wow that is amazing I want to try to build one but how did you put the Nintendo logo and the Nintendo name on the casing
beantean1 year ago
Wow! Keep up the good work!
OMG i am so making one of these.
What kind of batteries did you use? (Amperage, voltage, quantity, pcb)
nathanwide1 year ago
This is so cool! Defiantly going to make one
maboy2 years ago
How did you make the case?
cWxBoSs2 years ago
THIS CANNOT BE SOLD. Its for copywrite reasons, so give this guy a break and dont ask. =D
sonicdude102 years ago
Since I have a few of the early model N64 that can be RGB modded and some PSOne screens, I'd use them for true RGB and a 5" screen. Otherwise this is very helpful. Now to get off my lazy rear and get started...
Holy cheesy nachos!
that is BOSS!
you should seriosly sell those!
dluxbacher3 years ago
I would add at least 2 more things: 4 controler inputs and AV outputs.
Maybe a slot for a n64 transfer pak or a rumble pak also
XxsonicxX3 years ago
Are you sello oneof those? I would very badly want it! Name your price.

pgallegos13 years ago
see thats my point any one would buy them and is it possable to plug in more controlers
imanning13 years ago
i would so buy that
robot7973 years ago
will you sell these
i would buy 2
pgallegos13 years ago
might you be selliing thoughs???
that could get you some chich change
It's weird when the project of the day isn't really an instructable, and is instead publicity linking you to an outside website.
I agree. Take some time to post an instructable, not just a link.
While this is true, he still shows us how to do it. In the end, that's what matters, right?
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