Introduction: Grapes Jam

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Grapes jam with toast and maybe some cream would make a very delicious breakfast
This recipe is so simple and easy that you have to try it

Step 1: Ingredients

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1. One kilo of red grapes
2. half a kilo of sugar
3. one lemon juice

Step 2: How to Do It?

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1. wash the Grapes well, then put the Grapes in the cooking pot.

Step 3:

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2. Add the sugar to the grapes, then place the pot on low heat.

Step 4:

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3. When the sugar dissolves as in the picture, add lemon juice.

Step 5:

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4. After an hour or maybe more the grapes will look like raisins as in the picture and boils and the colour starts to change and get a little bit darker.

Step 6:

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5. when the grapes texture thickens and it's colour gets darker like the picture, and it feels like jam turn the heat off and let it cool down.

Step 7:

6. be careful not to over cook it so it won't burn.

Step 8: Bonne Appétit

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jo.mj (author)2017-07-14

Well done

NANOZ (author)jo.mj2017-07-15


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