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Little healthy icy sweet treats, sounds good doesn't it? Grapesicles, just a fancy name for frozen grapes actually, come in their own convenient packaging and are ideal to take with you on a picnic or to use as fruity ice cubes  :)

Update: 'Grapesicles' is accepted in the frozen treats contes, if you like this instructable I would really appreciate it if you considered voting. Thanks :)

Step 1: What to do

Picture of What to do
  • White and red sweet seedless grapes
  • Make it extra delicious with a fruity sauce of jelly and lemon or lime juice
  • Freezer safe bag or box
  • Freezer
  • Optional: Satay skewers or cocktail sticks

What to do:
  1. Remove the stems from the grapes and wash them
  2. Put the grapes in the freezer and wait
  3. Done :)

Small tip: When you want to put the grapes on satay skewers for a nice presentation, do this before you put the grapes in the freezer. When you try this with frozen grapes they will most likely spit in two.

jaimeraab2 years ago
looks great to have on a hot day!!!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  jaimeraab2 years ago
You are absolutely right!
I voted
SanneLaurenssen (author)  charlieanderin2 years ago
Thanks! We'll see how it does in the contest :)
I love doing this. But I put it in milk and it freezes milk
SanneLaurenssen (author)  redfoxtrystman2 years ago
I'm not quite sure what you mean by this. Can you explain it further for me?
simple and awesome.
SanneLaurenssen (author)  bryanbjimenez2 years ago
I hope you enjoy them! Over here we have had a couple of tropical day's so they were gone in no time!
My mom started freezing grapes about 40 years ago (weight watchers recommendation). They taste amazingly sweet frozen. I told my twins they were candy when they were toddlers lol. Still a favorite in our house :). Super cute on the skewers. Thanks for sharing.
SanneLaurenssen (author)  gr8fuldead692 years ago
You're very welcome!
A friend of mine has got her five and two year old's to believe dried apricots are candy, more believable than 'olives are candy' like my aunt tried to do ;)
chazortiz2 years ago
I have been enjoying iced grapes for a while now they are great for scorching summers the skewers idea simple but brillant.
SanneLaurenssen (author)  chazortiz2 years ago
Thank you Chaz!
krayonc2 years ago
Every August I look forward to champagne grapes...PERFECT for freezing.
SanneLaurenssen (author)  krayonc2 years ago
Wow, how I would love to be able to buy those grapes!
szklanki2 years ago
these pictures are really stunning. I hope my teeth won't hurt when i'll try the recipe :)
SanneLaurenssen (author)  szklanki2 years ago
Thank you :)
Letting them out of the freezer a couple of minutes before you'd like to eat them really helps.
BMR111002 years ago
Pra_ga2 years ago
Nice idea!
and beautiful photographs!!
SanneLaurenssen (author)  Pra_ga2 years ago
Nice to hear you like the photographs! I like to put a little extra effort in them so they look nice :)
Love this idea!!!
Thank you! I think the idea comes from my mum :)
We do this every summer and guests love it every time :)