Step 2: Installing the Edging

The day before you want to install your vine arch edging, submerge the bundle of cuttings in water.  Weigh them down with a brick or large rock so that all of the vines are under water.  Soaking will make them more flexible at installation time.

To install, push one end of the first section 4-5" into the soil at the edge of your flower bed.  Bend the vine and push the other end into the soil about a foot away, along the edge of the bed.  A 12" guide block may help with consistency.  At the middle of the first arch, insert the first end of the second vine section.  Repeat the bend and insert the other end about 6-7" past the end of the first arch.  Continue installing overlapping arches until your border is complete.  

The vine arches can be saved from year-to-year but they will be brittle after storage.  A good soaking will help but you should expect some breakage.

A bundle of cut vines and some help with installation might be appreciated by a gardener friend.  
These are so awesome!
I live in Georgia and we have lots and lots of kudzu
That looks great. A great use for vines. :)

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