Introduction: Graphene Battery : Battery of Future

Hey friends i am back with a project that has the potential to change the world . It is the the future of our new age batteries ...

Please watch the whole video ..


founderbrn (author)2015-09-23

This isn't an instructable... this is a video... how about writing it out and posting the individual steps + pics? I have NOT watched the video, as I'd just go to youtube if I wanted to watch videos lol... I'm here to READ ;-)

dbuckley6 (author)founderbrn2016-05-03

I fully agree. This group is for a step by step explanations, with pictures and text. I think that the simple ads for a you tube video should be banned.

EugenioS1 (author)2016-03-14

For non Believer and Non-Sayers, is in spanish but since you are so fast to criticize, learn spanish... good job Aman !!

Dark Master (author)2015-10-13

I doubt it is real because he doesn't show the whole breadboard and he could have a battery there

ha ha ..very soon brother you are going to see this thing in the market

I know thanks for confirming that you are real. I hope people like you will help promote the idea.

But still very smart of you but that's not true

Tanmayg (author)2015-07-19

Hi can you give the instructions for making one?

amansinghaljpr (author)2015-06-23

Friend i needed a platform to encourage my project that's why i create this instructable.

mihir.sahu.355 (author)2015-06-23

oh i am from india ,odisha surely it is fantastic if u made it youself pls mail me instruction or article ablout it

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