Graphic Animal Silhouette Pillows





Introduction: Graphic Animal Silhouette Pillows

Make fun, graphic animal silhouette pillows with bright fabric and iron on glue.

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Silhouette of animal you like

E-6000 StitchLess Iron On glue


Graphic fabrics in black and white

Cotton fabrics in bright colors

Sewing Machine

Pillow stuffing

Needle and thread


Step 3: Silhouettes to Choose From

Print these in gray scale as large as you can on a standard piece of copy paper

Step 4: Cut Out Your Silhouette in Fabric

Cut out a piece of fabric big enough for your silhouette

Pin and carefully cut it out Try different silhouettes (Google ANIMAL SILHOUETTE)

Step 5: Make Your Pillow

Cut two 19" x 19" pieces of graphic fabric

Pin and stitch them together using 1/2" seam allowance Leave a 5" hole on one side

Paint an even layer of E-6000 StitchLess on the fabric silhouette

Step 6: Add the E-6000 StitchLess Iron on Glue

Step 7: Press, Stuff and Close

With the glue side down, center it on the pillow and iron it in place

Stuff the pillow with pillow stuffing

Pin the 5" hole closed Stitch closed with needle and thread




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This is such a fun visual! I think I will use this to make wall decor- frame the fabric instead of making a pillow? You make everything seem so easy to do. Thanks for all your work figuring out the best way to do your projects, and explaining them clearly. :-)

I love them, so simple! I have an obsession with black and white I already have a gang of pillows made. I could just do a quick update with some silhouettes! Love it! thanks for sharing! :)

Thanks Doodle! I'm really loving Instructables......Such a fun site.

Thanks Danger! I was tortured by this project. I couldn't get it just right and then it dawned on me to use black and white graphic prints to make them a little different. Trial and error (mostly error!)