Make fun, graphic animal silhouette pillows with bright fabric and iron on glue.

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

This is such a fun visual! I think I will use this to make wall decor- frame the fabric instead of making a pillow? You make everything seem so easy to do. Thanks for all your work figuring out the best way to do your projects, and explaining them clearly. :-)
<p>I love them, so simple! I have an obsession with black and white patterns...so I already have a gang of pillows made. I could just do a quick update with some silhouettes! Love it! thanks for sharing! :)</p>
Thanks Doodle! I'm really loving Instructables......Such a fun site.
<p>Nice, I love the color combinations!</p>
<p>Thanks Danger! I was tortured by this project. I couldn't get it just right and then it dawned on me to use black and white graphic prints to make them a little different. Trial and error (mostly error!) </p>

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